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Mission Statement
 To
plan, strategize, construct and
program robots.
 To compete with other college robotics
 To raise interest and awareness.
 To help recruit interested NOVA students.
 To help students study and pursue careers
in the fields of engineering and computer
Community Statement
 To
Assisting established and fledging teams
within Northern Virginia.
 To
work within the robotics community by:
raise awareness of robotics:
Within the Prince William County School
NOVA Robotics Team
VEX Robotics Design System
 The
VEX Robotics Design System offers
students a platform.
for learning about areas rich with career
opportunities spanning S.T.E.M.
 - Technology
 - Engineering
 - Math
VEX Robotics Design System
 It
VEX Robotics project Promotes:
- Teamwork
- Leadership
- Problem solving among groups.
allows educators to easily customize
projects to meet the level of students’
VEX Robotics Design System
 The
affordable VEX platform is expanding
rapidly and is now found in:
Middle schools
High schools
University labs around the globe.
2013-14 Robotics Competition
Toss Up
Toss Up is played on a 12’x12’ square
 Two alliances – one “red” and one “blue”
Composed of one team each.
 Compete
in matches consisting of a one
minute autonomous period followed by one
minute of driver-controlled play.
Playing the Game
Each Robot begins a match on
one of their Alliance Starting
There are areas that alliances
can can Score Objects 
Two (2) scoring Zones
Two (2) Goals
Alliances also earn points for
having Robots of their own
color Hanging from their
Hanging Bar at the end of the
A Bonus is awarded to the
Alliance that has the most total
points at the end of the
Autonomous Period.
Middle Zone
Goal Zone
Bucky Ball: 1 Point
Large Ball: 1 Point
Bucky Ball: 2 Points
Large Ball: 2 Points
Bucky Ball: 5 Points
Large Ball: 10 Points
Analysis and Design
Competition (2012-13)
Competition (2012-13)
Upcoming Competition
@College of Southern Maryland on
Friday, February 7th 2014
NOVA Teams 1 and 2.
@NOVA Woodbridge on
March 14th 2014
Scrimmage practice in preparation for the VEX Robotics
World Competition held in Anaheim, California.
Community and Service
Dulles Town Centre Science and Technology Exposition
Community and Service
Annandale Partnership Training Day
DaVinci Robot Demonstration
Community and Service
City of Manassas Annual
Neighborhood Conference
Manassas NOVA Day
Community and Service
Friday, August 2nd 10AM-12PM: NOVA New Student Orientation
Friday, August 16th 10AM-12PM: NOVA New Student Orientation
Saturday, October 12th 10AM-1PM: Woodbridge Campus Open House
Saturday, October 19th 8AM-4PM: Middle School VEX Fun Day @Saunders MS
Wednesday, October 23rd 7:30AM-9AM: Gainsville Rotary Breaksfast
Saturday, October 28th 8AM-4PM: Middle School VEX Fun Day @Gainesville MS
Tuesday, November 7th, 11:00AM-12:00PM: Annandale Campus Open House
Saturday, November 9th, 8AM-4PM: FLL Regional @ Osbourn Park HS
Saturday, November 16th City of Manassas Neighborhood Conference
Saturday, January 25th 8AM-5PM: VEX MS Qualifier @ Beville MS
Saturday, February 1st 8AM-5PM: VEX MS Qualifier @ Marstellar MS
Saturday, February 8th 8Am-5PM: VEX MS Qualifier @ Benton MS
Tuesday, February 25th NOVA Engineering Week Event
Saturday, March 1st 8AM-6PM: VEX MS Roboticon @ Woodbridge HS
Saturday, May 10th 8AM-4PM: First Lego League Fun Day @ Osbourn Park HS
Thank you Sponsors
NOVA Community College
SySTEMic Solutions
Micron Foundation
Bill Willis
Denyse Carroll
In Their Own Words
 “Why
am I doing Robotics? Well, for the
last few years, robotics has been a field
that is becoming a more and more
important field of study.”
 “The
chaotic, fun, and creative
atmosphere was just right for me. I fell in
love with what I was doing and I was
good at it.”
 “Robotics
involves a combination of math
and computer science, and the concepts
and applications of both.” -OM
 “There’s
something compelling in thrusting
oneself in such an alien field, something
that’s only increased when on a team
where everyone has accountability.”
“ When I first met the team in February of 2013,
between the throes of finding inspiration and life
doing its thing, I was given a great opportunity to
learn something fantastic with the Robotics team.”
 “The
fun part is seeing one’s creation
come to life.” -MA
 “I
enjoy the fact that everyone has
individual skills to contribute to the process
of building a robot an their skills and
knowledge can help to further our goal.”
 “Now
it’s going on four years and I still
love it. I even made it my major in
college. STEM (science, technology,
engineering, math) and robotics has
helped find out what I want to do with my
 “I
work with a team that strives towards a
similar goal, to increase our
understanding of the more technical side
of building things.”
 “Many
schools and universities only teach
the theoretical aspects of engineering. By
doing robotics, this allows me to develop
practical skills, and put the theories I have
learned into practice” -NR
 “Overall
the unforgettable experiences I
had, the friends I made, and the skills I
learned are the main reasons ‘why I do
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