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(formerly the Center for Teaching Excellence and the
Learning Technologies division of DIT)
2301 Marie Mount Hall
[email protected]
Stephen Roth, PhD
Director of Outreach and Instructional Innovation
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
• SOTL is scholarly inquiry into student learning
that advances the practice of teaching by
making research findings public.
• Teaching should be a scholarly endeavor – we
should build knowledge of what works and
doesn’t, and let the world know what we’ve
SOTL Examples?
• Small group discussion:
– How have you been involved with SOTL activities
at other institutions?
How to do it!
• In small groups,
discuss how SOTL
activities can be
performed in your
– Challenges?
– What’s feasible?
SOTL for Professional Growth
• Publishing your work provides opportunities
for personal & professional advancement.
• IRB approval is likely required for most
published efforts. You will want to address this
need early in the process.
Your Interests?
Why Use TLTC?
• Research shows:
– Faculty who work with centers have better
student ratings
– Faculty who work with CTE are more
– For a small amount of time (!), you can see
strong improvements in course structure,
pedagogy, and student learning
Faculty Programs
• Instructional Consultations
• Workshops and
• Technology Training
• UGST Faculty Fellows
• Course Improvement
• Lending Library
• Teaching Resource Guide
Grant Programs
• Course Improvement
Grants (USM; Provost’s
office; GenEd programs;
• Learning communities with
stipends (UGST Faculty
Fellows; Technology
• School-specific?
Instructional Consultations
• Meet with Instructors one-on-one
• Individual or department initiated
• We can help with:
classroom observation with feedback
syllabus construction
course evaluations
teaching with technology
teaching philosophy/portfolio
• All materials are confidential
• Can be long- or short-term
TLTC “Commons”
• Coming soon…
• Online learning community
around teaching and learning.
• Especially designed to be as
inclusive as possible – all
manner of instructors are
encouraged to participate.
Contact Information
Stephen Roth, Ph.D.
Teaching and Learning Transformation Center
University of Maryland,
College Park, MD, USA
Email: [email protected]
UMD Teaching Resource Guide
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