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Transcript MIKOŁAJKI - I LO Mragowo

• The town lies in the south part
of the District of Great
Masurian Lakes on the north
part of Mikolajki Lake.
•In Mikołajki there is a
haven for ships of
Masurian Navigation.
•The name of the
town probably
comes from the
local patron of
church St Nicolaus
• The most important
architectural sight in
Mikolajki is an
evangelical church dated
from 1840-1841.
•Luknajno Lake with
the greates reserve
for wild swans is
situated 2 km east of
the town
Legend about king of fish
• There is a legend about a fish
which had a crown on his head
and was called King Sielaw.
When people started fishing,
they wanted to catch it, but he
was very clever. The gods told
the fisherman how to catch the
fish. When they caught it, the
Fish King said: „If you set me
free, I will give you a lot of fish”.
But they didn’t believe him and
tied him to the pier with a strong