Dzejnieks Krišjānis Barons

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Transcript Dzejnieks Krišjānis Barons

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Krišjānis Barons
Prepared by A.Zikmane, A.Pinkule, L.Veidemane,
Supervised by Inese Reņķe
K.Barons was born in 1835, 31 October in
Strutele estate (current Tukums country) to Juris
Barons and Enģele Brikšķa family.
• Latvian folklorist, writer and publicist.
• Also known as father of Latvian folk songs.
• In 1878 he turned to a project which was begun
by Fricis Brīvzemnieks – collecting Latvian folk
songs and organizing them.
• 1862 - 1865 Barons worked for the news agency
“Pēterburgas Avīzes“ (Petersburg’s Newspaper), he
was also one of the founders of the newspaper; Barons
was an editor of the newspaper.
When the newspaper closed, Barons started to work as
interpreter; he translated different poems and aphorims
as well as parts of various literary works.
• In 1867 moved to Moscow, where he worked as a tutor.
• Kr. Barons’ life work in folklore is the academic
folk songs’ collection “Latvju Dainas” (Latvian
Folk Songs) (1915) .
• He also introduced foreign words, for example
names or different sciences (mathematics,
geography, physics, biology).
• Kr. Baron died in 1923, 8 March in Riga.
• There is a monument in Riga set up for Baron
(in Vin Vermene’s garden).
Monument of Krišjānis Barons Riga, Verman
Here depicted Kr. Barons on 100 lats banknotes.
• The orginals of the folks songs all numbered and in
Baron’s handwriting can be found in the Archive of
Latvian folk songs texts,
Original Folk Song closet since 1940 keep the Latvian
The Cabinet of Folksongs is 268,815 leaflets, each of
them recorded in four to eight rows of folk songs, as
well as some other texts (puzzles, proverbs, etc.).
Dainu Skapis (The Cabinet of
Folk Songs)
There was 73 small drawers called “dainu skapis”,
which Barons ordered for his ancient Latvian folk
songs texts.
There is Song and Dance Festival in
Latvia where Latvian nation sings folk
Barons compiled 1 200 000 folk song texts
and in average there is one folk song for
every Latvian.
Krišjānis Barons is considered to be an icon
and legend of Latvian culture.
Latvians have many folk songs with