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Doug Thilman Assistant Superintendent Human Resources


Recruitment and Retention Teresa Cunningham-Brown

BTSP Team Highlights

BTSP Paperwork Collection

 Second Quarter Paperwork -- February 9, 2015  Final collection -- April 15, 2015

Regional Mentor Coordinator Meetings

 Mentor Institute for Elementary Support Model mentors (March 20, 2015)  Regional Mentor Coordinator Meetings (2 scheduled for March)

BTSP Team Highlights DKP First Year Teacher of the Year Award

Nominations due February 16, 2015

Letter of recommendation, Nominee Essay and Data form -- Principals’ Weekly

1 st year Beginning Teachers only (includes lateral entry teachers)

Contact Shelia Bennett ([email protected] )

BTSP Support

• • • •

Mentor Recruitment Form

Anticipate 2015-16 mentor needs due to retirements, transfers, resignations, etc.

Analyze current mentor/BT ratios Identify and recruit great veteran teachers to serve as mentors Mentor Recruitment form will require administrator’s discussion with Mentor Coordinator

BTSP Support 2014 Summer Mentor Training (Tentative Dates & Locations TBA)

June 15 - 17 (2 sessions) July 13 - 15 Traditional & Track 1 Traditional & Track 1 July 27 – 29 August 10 – 12 August 17 – 19 Traditional & Track 4 Traditional & Track 3 Track 2

Lateral Entry Teachers

• •

Spring Lateral Entry Workshop will

be Tues,

March 10

. Teachers and principals will be emailed invitations. Pls encourage your lateral teachers to attend. Subs will be paid for thru HR.

Our 4th year of providing this wkshp and our participants have shared how beneficial the topics are for them


• • • Reminders – Review recommended due dates on the WCPSS Evaluation Calendar.

– Containers should be locked when completed to prevent further editing.

Send all NCEES issues to the Technology Help Desk, [email protected]

. Sally Reynolds, Senior Administrator, [email protected]

, 919-854-1699

Locking Containers in NCEES

• • Activities within each review cycle container can be edited and re-edited in any order, until the evaluator determines that all necessary information has been entered for the review cycle. The evaluator can then lock the review cycle container, closing the review cycle from future editing.

All activities except for the PDP Mentor Signature must be marked complete in a review cycle container before the container can be locked. The Mid-Year Review activities cannot start until the Initial Review container is locked. The End-of-Year Review activities cannot start until the Mid-Year Review container is locked.


• • • As of the end of January, over 5,000 applicants have applied to work for WCPSS.

Current employees should submit an Internal Application to apply for transfer opportunities.

If you have any AppliTrack issues you are unable to resolve, please send an email to: [email protected]


AppliTrack Reminders

• • • • Use Google Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer will not show all features.

When filling out a new form, do not click the “Preview” box. Check the form you want and then “Continue with Selected Form” in bottom right corner.

Please send the Interview Telephone Reference (ITR) form and PAF within the same time frame.

In order to ensure accurate data, "associate" the PAF and ITR with a specific job posting and applicant whenever possible. Users will be prompted to do this immediately after creating a new form.

AppliTrack Training Offered in eSchools

• •

Hiring Administrators

– February 4— Crossroads II – March 12—Crossroads II


– February 3—Holly Springs High School – February 5—Millbrook High School (2 sessions) – February 10, 11, 18—Crossroads II – February 19--Knightdale High School

Student Teaching Program Spring 2015

• • 318 student teachers/full-time interns

17 colleges have placed student teachers with WCPSS

Spring 2015 Student Teachers by Curriculum Area Curriculum Area

Agriculture Art Audiology Biology Birth-Kindergarten Business/Marketing Chinese Counseling Dance Drama 7 1 3 2 1 5 3 24 3 2

Student Teachers Curriculum Area

Elementary English ESL FACS French Hearing Impaired Language Arts Math Music 1 22 23 10 4 2 2 88 18

Student Teachers Curriculum Area

Occupational Therapy Health and PE Psychology Science SLP Social Studies Social Work Special Education Spanish Technology 2 19 3 28 2 1 2

Student Teachers

27 5 8

Intranet and HR Newsletter

HR Newsletter has now moved to a Quarterly email version

Intranet Focus: Adding content and updating the “Evaluation Forms and Guidelines”; updating directories, Employee Discounts and announcing important events, dates & deadlines.

Tuition Reimbursement

Available through our district-wide Title II program Restricted only to teachers needing to comply with HQT standards; teachers at 43 low performing WCPSS schools, as identified by EVAAS Growth Index, Growth Category, and Performance Composite All eligible applicants will receive some level of funding See WCPSS Intranet for details

Name and Title Shelia Bennett Senior Administrator Deborah Clifton-Henry Senior Administrator Jason Kennedy, Senior Administrator Sherri Morris, Senior Administrator Sally Reynolds Senior Administrator

Who to Contact

Primary Responsibilities Beginning Teacher Support Program DSSF Mentor Program Diane Kent-Parker First Year Teacher of the Year Awards ITQ Coaches Pre-Employment Orientation Praxis Reimbursement Tuition Assistance Program HR Newsletter Recruitment Diversity Recruitment VIF Recruitment Future Stars Recruitment Student Teachers Student Teacher University AppliTrack NC Educator Evaluation System Lateral Entry Institutie Contact Information (919) 854-1698 [email protected]

(919) 854-1709 [email protected]

(919) 854-1702 [email protected]

919) 854-1704 [email protected]

(919) 854-1699 [email protected]


Staffing and Operations Spring 2014 Wilma Jenkins-Flythe

Evaluations and Performance Issues

• • It is now Feb and over midway thru the school year. Please let your Staffing Admin know immediately of any performance issues- we must know the names of any employee who has performance issues by Feb. 13 & PNP letters need to be sent ER and Staffing are working together on tracking performance concerns-Staffing Admins will to follow up with the Principal for all probationary teachers

Staffing Plans

Please refer to Feb. issue of Focus on Finance to get the dates for the allotment process and employment fairs.

This year again, HR will only request plans from those schools who have displaced teachers…currently!

Staffing Team changes

• • Delora Murphy has been promoted to Sr. Administrator- working with high schools and some YR middle schools We are in the process of interviewing for her replacement as Administrator for Elementary Teacher Assistants

Who to Contact

Name & Title Responsibilities

Wilma Jenkins-Flythe Sr Director •All HR Staffing •Sub Office •Application and Employee File Rooms •Extra Duty •Hiring Procedures and Postings •All Traditional & Modified Middle Schools and some Year Rd MS Alice Card Briggs Director Staffing Administrators: Blackmon, Hodges, Milton, Murphy, Smith, White, Wiggins-Price Staffing Processors Sub Office Applications Room Employee File Room All school staffing, custodians, CNS, bus drivers, CO teacher positions and instructional support All leaves and employee letters

Contact Info

[email protected]

919-854-1775 [email protected]

919-854-1682 See Employee Handbook See Employee Handbook See Employee Handbook

Licensure and Reporting

Dr. Marcie Holland

Salary and Licensure Updates

• •

Administrative Interns Licensure


Lateral entry, provisional licenses and required coursework

Administrative Interns for 2015-2016

• • Marcie Holland, Sr. Director, will be the point of contact this year Email notification will be sent via the Principals’ Weekly newsletter regarding procedures and timeline

Licensure Updates & Reminders

• • Updates: – Jeanne Burton, Senior Administrator, joined the staff on Monday, February 2, 2015 – School assignments will be updated soon and distributed Reminders: – Renewal information will be sent out in the coming weeks – Staff are working on correspondence with individuals from whom we need documentation, fees, etc.

– Lateral and provisionally licensed individuals must complete coursework requirements in order to be eligible for re-employment in 2015-16

Who to Contact

Name & Title Responsibilities Contact Info

Marcie Holland Sr. Director • • Administrator Salaries Administrative Interns [email protected]


Licensure Jeanne Burton, Sr. Administrator Andrea Evans, Administrator Letitia Howard, Administrator Jessica Peppers, Administrator • • Assist employees with questions, processes, and procedures related to educator licensure Monitor and correct issues related to audit exceptions that occur as a result of licensure issues [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Employment Verifications Lorraine Dumas, Tonya Johnson Processing loan forgiveness documentation, salary/employment verification documents, etc.


Employee Relations February, 2015 Dr. J. Bryan Martin, Senior Director

• • • • • • •

Sex Offender Alerts

The Jessica Lunsford Act requires that principals sign up for alerts to indicate when a registered sex offender moves within one mile of the school Go to Remember to edit settings if you change schools If an alert is received, the Principal is to notify their Area Superintendent Area Superintendent should also be notified if a student is required to register as a sex offender Parents who are in the registry may not be on campus without consent of the Superintendent or his deisgnee If assistance is needed, contact Dr. Bryan Martin (919.854.1685 or [email protected])

• • • •

When Signing Timesheets, Be Conscious of Concern

Timesheet should be an ACCURATE record of time actually worked Pro-forma/Schedule timesheets are not appropriate (same time listed each day) Avoid excessive build-up of comp time Additional info in Board Policy 7910 (

Fair Labor Standards Act

) Wrong Right

Employee Evaluation Tips

• • • • Be sure the evaluation calendar is followed—when you sign on NCEES, you are attesting that you followed policy If employee is to receive Non-Proficient/Needs Improvement/ Unsatisfactory ratings, have two supervisors/administrators present for the conference No employee should receive Needs Improvement/ Unsatisfactory ratings without prior approval by an administrator An administrator should review and sign/initial all evaluations completed by non-administrators

Employee Evaluation Tips


• • • • Attendance should NEVER be noted on an evaluation without speaking to someone in Employee Relations NEVER mention health issues on an evaluation Evaluations should measure performance for the entire year, not just recent months Any misconduct incidents (letters of reprimand, HR referrals, etc) should be documented on annual evaluations

Accommodation Requests

• • • Refer immediately to Employee Relations for evaluation Relevant Questions – Is it supported by specific medical certification?

– – Is the request reasonable?

Given the accommodation, can the employee complete essential job functions Forms and information available on internet or intranet

Name & Title

Who to Contact

Primary Responsibilities

Dr. J. Bryan Martin, Senior Director Anthony Manzo, Director •Oversee all Employee Relations areas •Employee Conduct Reviews •Criminal Records Checks •Transportation Issues Jeff Koweek, Director Martha Freeman, Director Calvin Hooker, Senior Administrator Mary Swan, Senior Administrator •Accommodation Requests •Grievances •Growth Plans •Workers’ Comp/Disability •Retirement •Employee Conduct Reviews •Criminal Records Checks •CNS Issues •Career Status Performance Support •Growth Plans

Contact Info

[email protected]

919.854.1685 o / 919.284.1187 c [email protected]

919.854.1750 o / 919.669.4982 c [email protected]


[email protected]


[email protected]

919.854.2966 o / 919.422.1103 c [email protected]