Health and Physical Education Alternate Pathways

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Transcript Health and Physical Education Alternate Pathways

Health and Physical Education
Alternate Pathways to Excellence
Hunterdon Central Regional High School
Flemington, NJ
Option II
Medical Excuses
Physical Education Exemptions
Transforming Secondary Education
Grades 6-12
NJ State Vision
New Jersey will educate all students
to prepare them to lead productive,
fulfilling lives. Students will gain the
requisite academic knowledge and
technical and critical thinking skills
for life and work in the 21st Century.
Graduation Requirements
Local Boards shall establish a process
to approve:
– Personalized student learning
– Awarding of credits based on completion
of competency-based assessments
– Awarding of credits through postsecondary learning opportunities
Graduation Requirements
Successful completion of a
district approved online course
Local attendance requirements
Demonstration of proficiency on
state assessments
Essential Elements of State Plan
Readiness for ALL to
College or Career,
Aligned to NJCCCS and
Essential Elements,
Student Voice,
Collaborative, Collective
Responsibility, DATA
Learning Environment
For the 21st Century
Learning and
Relevant to Lives in 21st
Century, Innovative, Active,
Flexible, Rigorous Approaches
Personal Plans, Extended
Learning Opportunities, Safe
School Environment
“The Perfect Storm”
Diminishing NJ state requirements
State cuts in district budgets
Increased demand for challenging
student academic load
Expanded expectations for school
flexibility to meet individual needs
Climate/Culture-State and National
Problem–solving: skills, vision and
Alternate Pathways
What can we Control?
Value-added experience of Physical
– Standards-based written curriculum
– Consistent cycle of feedback via formative and
summative assessments
– Motivated, engaged, and highly skilled
– Community partnerships that provide authentic
learning transfer
Stakeholder Voice - leadership
Alternate Pathways
Option II – Intended Application
The intended purpose of Option II is
to create the opportunity whereby a
student can prove competency and
receive credit for a course of study
in lieu of completing the minimum
seat time required by the State of
New Jersey.
Alternate Pathways
Option II – Current Reality
What set of problem is it designed
to address?
Who defined the problem?
Who helped refine the solution?
What benefits will be gained from
the current proposal/program?
How will it help students achieve and
succeed in this current global reality?
Alternative Pathways
Hunterdon Central Reality – Existing Conditions
Board Of Education requires 5.0 credits of
H&PE per year
Block schedule:
– One semester required curriculum for
grades 9 and 10
– Two quarter courses/one health
electives for grades 11 and 12
Grading is consistent with all other
courses, and part of GPA
Resource-rich environment
Alternative Pathways
Option II - Hunterdon Central Reality
Consistent school-wide policy
Principal’s Credit Committee
Application Process with set
Department Supervisor approval
Key focus - enable students
access and higher achievement
Track and report process
Alternative Pathways
Option II – Health & Physical Education Reality
Aligned to existing school-wide
Applicants are interviewed
Option II Assignment Contract or
college credit programs
Progress reports required
Very limited number of students
each year
Option II Assignment Contract
Health & Physical Education
Aligned to NJ State Curriculum core
Content Standards
Aligned to district grade-level course
Enables a blend of student personal
experience with content standards
Incorporates problem-based,
project-based, and authentic learning
Alternative Pathways
Medicals – Health & Physical Education Reality
Any medical excuse from activity
Teacher option based on medical
Any student with extended medical
must complete written for credit
Written for credit directly aligned to
course content
Materials posted on Dept. website
Minimum of a weekly check-in
Alternative Pathways
Physical Education Exemptions
Local Board of Education preference
In-season exemption for Varsity Athletes
This does not currently exist at
Hunterdon Central. All students
are required to take 5.0 credits
per year of Health and Physical
Alternative Pathways
Embrace change…
Create and sustain a credible voice
Focus on alignment to NJSCCCS and
the continuous improvement of the
teaching and learning experience
Look for value-added opportunities,
partnerships (across the curriculum
and externally), authentic learning
Gather feedback
Alternate Pathways to Excellence
Sandy Chronic
Department Supervisor for Health and Physical
Hunterdon Central Regional High School
84, Rt. 31
Flemington, NJ
[email protected]