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Welsh information
 The capital of Wales is Cardiff. «God save the Queen»
is the hymn of Wales as well as of the United Kingdom.
The official languages are English and Welsh.In 2013
there were about 3.004.600 in habitants.
 Constitutionally, the UK is a unitary state, and its
parliament and government are in Westminster. In the
House of Commons - the lower house of the UK
government - Wales is represented by MPs (Labour,
Liberal Democrats and Conservatives).
 Wales has a distinctive culture including its own
language, customs, holidays and music.
 Wales has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The
Castles and Town walls of King Edward I in Gwynedd;
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and the Blaenavon Industrial
 As in many countries throughout the world, Christmas
and its celebrations are a favourite time of the year in
Wales, and there are many traditions connected with
 Before Christmas the tradition is to decorate homes
with fresh mistletoe and holly: mistletoe to protect the
home from evil and holly as a symbol of eternal life.
 Some days before Christmas a small tree is decorated
with lights and hung with trinkets. On Christmas Day
they exchanged gifts with family and friends.
Christmas gastronomy
 The main meal consists of roast turkey with a range of
vegetables, followed by a Christmas pudding.
 The Welsh are great lovers of music and so every year at
Christmas, carol singing is the most enjoyed activity. In the
churches, they are sung to the harp. They are sung in
people's homes around the Christmas tree and at the doors
and windows of the houses.
 Taffy making is one of the most important of the Welsh
Christmas. This involves the making of the special kind of
chewy toffee from brown sugar and butter. It is boiled and
then pulled so that it becomes lovely and glossy.
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