The Knights of Division K - District 42 Toastmasters

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Transcript The Knights of Division K - District 42 Toastmasters

The Knights of Division K
Division Mission and Purpose…
In a broad sense our mission and purpose is to help our
clubs and members to succeed as clubs and personally with
respect to their Toastmasters ambitions. More specifically,
all of the Area Governors have identified 3 specific areas of
need… building membership, member retention and
As a Division we will seek to address these particular areas
by way of the following…
Area Visits… emphasizing The Club Success plan and active
participation in achieving personal growth objectives.
Moments Of Truth will also be used to assess quality of
meetings and develop plans for improvement.
Speech Contests… To ensure that Club, Area and Division
Speech contests are conducted in the fall and the spring
and to encourage participation not only as contestants but
as planners / coordinators and attendees. These events
allow people to meet others they would not normally meet
within the confines of their own clubs and have a tendency
to broaden one's perspective… creating inertia as discussed
Boot Camp… We intend to conduct a Boot Camp later in
the calendar year for the purpose of training and creating
inertia, possibly in collaboration with Division C.
TLI / COT… We intend to conduct a TLI, also possibly in
collaboration with Division C in January of 2015. The
purposes are Club Officer Training as well as general
training for regular members and creating inertia. We will
also undertake to initiate / assist with COT for the
incoming 2015/2016 Club Executive, in June 2015.
PR… We will work with the District PR O on initiatives to
promote Toastmasters with a view to increasing
membership and starting new clubs. We will use the pop
up banner in situations to aid in these promotions.
We will make use of the $1500 Division budget in order
to facilitate these events and initiatives. We will also seek
and make use of donated resources to offset expenses.
An example of the donated resources is, but is not limited
to, the generous offers of meeting space at no charge by
the ATB campus in northeast Calgary and by Cosmos in
Red Deer.
From a DCP perspective, with our base of 27 clubs, in
order to achieve Distinguished Division status we will
need to see;
11 Distinguished clubs for Distinguished Division
12 Distinguished clubs for Select Distinguished Division
14 Distinguished clubs for Presidents Distinguished