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NYSE: DDD ProJet™ 6000 Printer North America & Asia




First Ever 3D Printer Crossover Page 2

Achieve Highest Levels Of Performance… In-House

• • • • • SLA Results in a fraction of the time and expense Unmatched accuracy and precision from ANY 3D printer…PERIOD Range of material choices that PERFORM, not pretend Fastest build speeds in professional duty 3D printing Powerful software tools to tackle even the toughest geometries and applications

You don’t have to settle for less because you print it in-house!

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ProJet TM 6000 Value Proposition

• Designed for in-house printing of SLA quality parts • Faster turnaround saves time • Lower part cost compared to outsourcing to service bureaus • SLA accuracy, precision & performance • Lower service & maintenance cost versus traditional SLA • Lower cost of ownership for in-house printing • Do not need to run 24/7 to keep allocated maintenance cost per part low • Materials packaged in 2.0 liter cartridges for economical price levels for in-house printing Page 4

35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

ProJet TM 6000 Delivers Unmatched Accuracy Standard Deviation < 15 microns 3 Sigma Accuracy +/- 45

m Difference from nominal in microns

Just How Accurate?

Human Hair A sheet of paper

What does 15 microns look like?

ProJet TM 6000 Delivers Unmatched Resolution

Thin walls that get progressively thicker in 10um increments

10 microns = 0.00039 inches

1010  m 1000  m UHD MODE How small of a increment can the system print?

Result = 1450 DPI; 17.5 µm compare to Objet’s HQ 600 DPI; 42µm

ProJet 6000 parts meet or exceed tolerances for injection molded parts

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6000 Delivers Printer Utility

Multiple Print Modes • XHD –Xtreme quality print • UHD – Fast precision quality print • HD –Fast quality print Unattended Operation • Remote status monitoring • 24/7 operation Fast & Robust • Compact precision digital print head • Increased speed and accuracy



6000 Is Super Fast

4 Hours 48 Minutes Page 10

And Faster

1 hr 31min – UHD Mode 2.8 inches/hr. Page 11

High Throughput & Economical Fast Throughput

8 hr 38min – UHD mode 0.5 inches/hr.

$6.18 material ea. Page 12

High throughput with accuracy and high resolution

.024 inches Page 13



Industrial Print Materials

VisiJet ® Flex

• White durable, Polypro-ABS Like

VisiJet® Tough VisiJet ® Clear

• Grey strong, ABS-like • Clear strong, Polycarbonate like Engineered Performance

VisiJet ® HiTemp

• Rigid, thermally resistant



e-Stone™ Dental Material

High Productivity Crown and Bridge Orthodontic PartialFramework

Wide variety of dental model applications

Fast and Easy Material Changeover

• 30-60 minutes to change material – Roll out cart and roll in cart of new material – Nothing to Clean – Only 5-10 minutes “touch” time – low labor time Page 16

ProJet™ 6000 Printer warranty:

Economical To Own

One year warranty including parts and labor ProJet™ 6000 Printer Annual service Service Plans Provided By Authorized Resellers Digital Print Head warranty: Two year warranty

Economical To Operate

High Efficiency Material Usage

Brand X-Jet

$6.18 material ea. $17.66 material ea. Page 18

ProJet™ 6000 Printer Portfolio

ProJet SD 6000

Standard Definition UHD and HD modes 3 Build Size Options

ProJet HD 6000

High Definition XHD, UHD and HD modes 3 Build Size Options

Projet MP 6000

Manufacturing Pro XHD, UHD, HD

MP Auto Software

3 Build Size Options Page 19

The ProJet™ 6000 Printer Difference

Industry Leading Accuracy & Precision Highest Productivity & Speed In-house Printer Utility Performance VisiJet® Print Materials Easy / Fast Material Changes Economical To Own & Operate Page 20

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