Sikh Identity Lesson 4

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Transcript Sikh Identity Lesson 4

Sikh Identity Lesson 4
WALT: Evaluate the role of Sikhs in the media.
Revise for next lesson’s Identity test.
Greeting Task: Share your Singh or Singhnee homework with your neighbour.
Prayer Time - ismrn
Close your eyes, Breathe in, Breathe out, Sing along
Enjoy the experience
11 Guru Sahibs
Each one of the ten Gurus represents a divine attribute:
1. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee - Humility
2. Sri Guru Angad Dev Jee - Obedience
3. Sri Guru Amar Das Jee - Equality
4. Sri Guru Ram Das Jee- Service
5. Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee - Self-Sacrifice
6. Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee - Justice
7. Sri Guru Har Rai Jee - Mercy
8. Sri Guru Har Krishan Jee - Purity
9. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee - Tranquility
10. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee - Royal Courage
11. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee- the embodiment of all ten Guru Sahibs
and attributes
Teacher to finish any of the Story of
the Turban DVD here or other catch
ups if they wish?
Sikhs in the Media
TASK: Spider diagram why media portrayal of Sikhs is important? Try to think of 8 things
if you can.
Misrepresentation or no
Why did global News Channels cover Aurora over the
Sikh Temple shootings???
List time: How can WE create better awareness of the Sikh
Sikhs in the Media...some good
Postcards to Kevin and Charandeep
Random acts of kindness and appreciation are nice way of thanking Maharaj for his blessings.
However, as Baba Nand Singh Jee says ‘one should do good, and forget it’ (creates ‘I’ ego)
don’t always expect things in return, or expect things full stop...just keep praising Vaheguru.
TASKS: Write one postcard to Kevin and one to Charandeep telling them what
you thought of their interview. Perhaps thank them. Do you have any
questions for Charandeep or Kevin? Would you like to tell Kevin anything else
about Langar?
Stand out and up for humanity!
You left space around your
qualities, can you link these
qualities to the Panj Kakkar,
sakhia or things we’ve learnt
over the last few lessons?
Quality: Words and
adjectives to describe Sikhs.
Issue revision homework as you wish, ready for next lesson’s test