The Joseph Dreams: 3 pair

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Dreams in the Book of Genesis
“Desire the sincere milk of
the word, that ye may
grow…” 1Pet 2:2
“I have fed you with
milk, and not with
meat” - 1Cor 3:2
Genesis tells of six
dreams and their
Joseph spoke for God
unlike anyone before
Joseph was the 4th
generation from
The Joseph Dreams: 3 pair
Sheaves and Stars: Gen37:5, 9 -These first
two dreams were by Joseph himself.
Butler and Baker: Gen40:5 – Joseph
interpreted the dreams of these two.
Cows and Corn: Gen41 – Joseph
interpreted these two dreams of the
Pharaoh and was promoted from prison.
Sheaves and Stars
His brothers didn’t
like it when he told
them their sheaves
bowed down to his
sheaf, but his dream
turned out to be
prophetic after he was
made 2nd to the
Pharaoh in Egypt.
His family interpreted
his dream of the sun,
moon, and stars as
meaning they would
be bowing to Joseph.
Compare how Jesus is
“True Bread”, Jn6,
and a “bright star” in
Rev 22:16.
Parallels of Joseph & Jesus
Joseph from Canaan.
Special Coat
1st born of Rachel.
Resisted sin, but was
unjustly punished.
Savior of his people.
His name means:
“The Lord will add a
son”, Gen30:24
Jesus from heaven.
Special ‘Body’
1st born of the Spirit.
Resisted sin, but was
unjustly punished.
Savior of born-again.
Jesus was the son that
came “in the fullness
of time”, Gal 4:4
The Butler’s Dream
He dreamed of a vine with three branches, and himself squeezing
the grape juice into the Pharaoh’s Cup. Gen40:10.
Joseph’s interpretation (remember how prophecy and
interpretation are spoken of in the New Testament, and how Jesus
said he was the Vine and we are the branches) was that the three
branches meant three days. That’s when the Butler would be
restored to his position: his dream meant LIFE!
Jesus said “Destroy this temple (meaning his own body) and in
three days I will raise it up”, Jn2:19. He said that more than 2,000
years ago, but when a thousand years are as one day, it means that
now we are in THE THIRD DAY.
The Butler’s dream is a type of Communion!
The Baker’s Dream
His dream was of three white baskets on his head, and the birds
eating bake-meats (bread) out of the uppermost.
Joseph gave him the bad news: that in 3 days the Pharaoh would
have him taken out and hung – he would be food for the birds.
The 3 baskets meant 3 days (like the 3 branches), but his “third
day” dream meant DEATH. The New Testament refers to people
as vessels (containers), and tells of Jesus as Living Bread. He
spoke of the “whited sepulchres” which looked good on the
outside but like dead men’s bones inside.
We need to have the True Bread, the Word of God, in our top
basket, instead of our own opinion or what other people might
The Dreams of the Pharaoh
Seven fat cows eat
seven thin cows and
don’t gain weight!
Cows aren’t
cannibals. It’s not
the right kind of
food for them.
What kind of food
doesn’t have
Seven good ears of
corn eat seven thin
ears of corn!
Peculiar corn indeed,
which doesn’t have
mouths to eat, but
only has ears—to
Joseph Interprets
The dream about cows was separate and distinct from the dream
about the corn, because they occurred on different nights, but
Joseph tells the Pharaoh the “two were one”.
Seven years of good harvest would be followed by seven years
of famine, Joseph said. How to prepare for the famine?
It happened like he said: 7 years plus 7 years, just like in the
time periods for Rachel and Leah. But prophesy in the Bible
often has more than one outcome.
Like money in the bank! Put part of the good harvest in a
storehouse to be used during the famine years, Joseph said.
TIME-LINE: Three 2,000 yr. periods
“There are differences of administration and
diversities of operations, but the same Lord”. 1Cor12:5
Parable of the hidden leaven: Matthew 13:33
The two (2) covenants (Gal 4:24) are the two sevens!
Joseph’s dreams were a prophecy of 4,000 years, and
now we are feeding on the words of Scripture!
Are you ready for ‘The 3rd Day” ?
Jesus rose on the 3rd day, as he prophesied in John2:19
“Destroy this temple, and in three
days I will raise it up” (but he
spoke of the temple of his body).
Now WE are the temple of the Holy Ghost, and when a thousand
years are as one day, it means that ever since the year 2,000 we
have been in ‘the third day’. No wonder he says in Revelation
“Behold, I come quickly”. Less than a week in His view!
“After two days will (God) revive us; in the third
day he will raise us up, and we shall live… Hos6:2
Finally, in closing…
The Bible teaches interpretation in these accounts of
dreams in the Old Testament, and only He could know the
end from the beginning. “Known unto God are all his
works from the beginning of the world”, Acts15:18.
Jesus was of the Tribe of Judah.
The Joseph in Egypt was not in the line
of Christ, and neither was Mary’s
husband, or any of the other nine
Joseph’s named in the Bible! Jesus
truly is the Seed and Son of God.