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Proclamation 2015

Orientation November 06, 2014 4:30 p.m. Administration Board Room



▫ ▫ Local Policy EFAA – District will establish a team to select materials to purchase. Team shall make selection based on instructional needs in accordance with administrative regulations. TEA Proclamation 2015 contract is for 8 years or until the adoption cycle is revised. Adopted materials will be available in the 2015-2016 school year.

Subject Areas in Adoption Elementary

• Social Studies • Fine Arts

Middle School 6-8

• Social Studies • Fine Arts

High School

• Mathematics • Social Studies • Fine Arts • CTE Only CTE classes that receive Math credit are included.


CTE Principles & Elements of Floral Design Fine Arts Art Music Theatre Dance Mathematics Algebra I Algebra II Geometry Pre-Calculus Math Models Advanced Quantitative Reasoning Robotics programming & Design Social Studies Social Studies US History World History World Geography US Government Economics Psychology Sociology

Campus Staff Responsibilities

• Who needs to examine, review, analyze, and evaluate these instructional materials ? All teachers & Administrators • Why ?

To select the best instructional materials that will • Meet the needs of our students • Ensure aligned with State test • Help increase district scores

Sample Review Guidelines

Print samples - Find a location for materials:  1. Common area  2. Viewed by all teachers / administrators  Before, During and After school. Online Samples – Access 24 hours Notify with issues – contact publisher **Note- TEA did not require a certain platform to access.

Procedures for Publishers

• Can publisher representatives meet with you ? ▫ Yes, but only with your CONSENT can a publisher meet with you. • If you agree, at what time can they meet with you? ▫ During your conference period or afterschool • When should contact between publishers & campus staff end? ▫ Once final vote is cast February 13, 2015.

Opportunities for Presentations by Publishers

All publishers are invited to participate in district hearings to be scheduled by the district.

• • 1. District Hearing? Saturday, November 15, 2014 at Robert Vela High School from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm • • 2 . Off campus presentations?

You can attend a presentation at a venue outside of campus / district after school or weekend.

Guidelines for Interacting with Publishers

House Bill 623 – Textbook adoption section

It is a crime for a school trustee, administrator, or teacher to accept a gift, favor, or services that is given to the person or person’s school:  That might reasonably tend to influence a trustee, administrator; or teacher in the selection of a textbook, and  That would not be lawfully purchased with funds from the state textbook funds • • Therefore, ECISD personnel will not accept any such incentives. ECISD personnel will accept only sample review materials and such accompanying materials that are approved by the State of Texas for consideration by school districts.

District Textbook Selection Committee Timeline Schedule of Events

November, 2014: State Board of Education approves Instructional Materials under consideration for 2015-2016 Adoption Process November 06, 2014: Orientation Meeting, Documentation Forms given to Committee Members. November 15, 2014: District Textbook Hearing @ Robert Vela High School December 15 – 17, 2014: Preliminary Vote for all materials in adoption. Narrow the choices to top 3 publishers. Continue to evaluate program and meet again for questions. January 15 – 29, 2015: Meetings with Top 3 Publishers to evaluate and review. February 3 – 12, 2015: Meeting to Vote February 25, 2015: School Board Meeting- Recommendation of Instructional

Preliminary Vote

Date December 15, 2014 Math & Statistics & Floral Design 9 - 12 IT Bldg December 16, 2014 December 17, 2014 Subject Social Studies Fine Arts Grade Meeting Location K - 12 IT Bldg K-12 5 TBA


• Sign-In Sheets ▫ Have teacher groups sign, date, and provide comments. • Check list process. ▫ Remind teachers to look for ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ to help with the evaluation Curriculum Alignment ex- Rigor–depth &complexity, ex-Figure 19 ELPS included Technology availability, (online, pdf, cloud) Support Materials Ancillaries / free materials College Readiness

Review of Instructional Materials TEA only required for publisher to submit electronic samples. No specific platform required to access viewing of all Instructional

ECISD Link for Proclamation 2015

Created to provide information updates & forms • • • • ECISD website Departments (T) Textbook Department Textbook Adoption Pre-Adoption Samples ▫ Links by subject & grade level ▫ Links for documentation forms 

Note- previews are digital

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