PowerPoint Presentation - BIO 1000: The Global Environment

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Transcript PowerPoint Presentation - BIO 1000: The Global Environment

GEL 1005: Natural Disasters
► Instructor:
Mike Phillips
► Contact
 815-224-0394
 [email protected]
“GEL 1005” in subject line
 http://www.ivcc.edu/phillips
courses>GEL 1005
►about me>contact info: friend me in Facebook
Course Goals
► Explore
a variety of natural disasters
► Analyze the role and impact of science
on identifying and planning for natural
What is Graded?
► Weekly
discussions 7 @ 10 pts. ea.
► Weekly
homework 7 @ 20 pts. ea.
► Projects:
2 @ 100 pts. ea.
► Discuss
a natural hazard and how it impacts
the area where you live (or an area where
you might like to live).
► Content
 written paper with figures & references
 4-8 Powerpoint slides
► 1st
project due mid-term (may be revised
and resubmitted)
► 2nd project due end of term
Weekly Format
► Sunday:
New topic live in BlackBoard
 Questions for homework & discussion
 Resources: text & web links
► Monday:
Topic Introduced in Elluminate
► Sunday-Saturday:
 Explore topic: use text and web resources
 Group discussion in BlackBoard
► Friday:
Wrap-up in Elluminate discussion
► Sunday: Homework due
Exploring a topic
► Textbook
reading assignment
► Web
 recommended links
 find your own: search for web sites and
► Elluminate
 PowerPoint (also in weekly resources)
 Ask questions real-time
► Group
Discussing a topic
► BlackBoard
 link from IVCC front page or class web
 discuss topic within your group
 requirement: at least three postings on
different three days (more preferred)
 all must participate or group suffers
► Group
 on website and in BlackBoard
BlackBoard set-up
► Announcements
► Course
► Course Documents
► Assignments (digital drop box)
► Discussion Board
 Ask Mr. Phillips
 Group #: group discussion
 Coffee House
► Grade
► [email protected]
 homework submission
 private discussion w/ me
► BlackBoard
 for me to communicate with the entire class
 do not send anything to this e-mail or respond to
e-mails from this address unless you want
everyone to see the message!
► Friday
discussions in Elluminate
► Homework submission via e-mail or
BlackBoard (assignment dropbox) by
11:00 pm Sunday
First Topics
► How
will you succeed in this class?
 due Friday
► How
are disasters studied? What are
the implications of the five
fundamental concepts outlined in
Chapter 1?
 due Sunday
See you on the
BlackBoard and in
I will check in almost every day.
Mike Phillips