Texas A&M Admission Information

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Transcript Texas A&M Admission Information

 Around 56,000 students on main campus (College Station)
 950 Student Organizations
 Around 10,000 new freshman accepted each year
 Apply through ApplyTexas.org (applications open August 1st and close December 1st); apply as soon as possible
 Send essays through ApplyTexas, request transcript through counseling office, bacterial meningitis records and
letters of rec can all be uploaded through A&M system
 Check status of admission documents on applicant tab (howdy.tamu.edu)
 1) Top 10% of your graduation class means automatic acceptance; around 55% of A&M admits are through Top
 2) Academic Admit (automatic if: in the top 25% of your class and SAT 1300 (600 on reading and math) or 30
ACT (27 math and English); around 13% admitted through academic admit
 Average SAT for an A&M student is 1260 and 26/27 on ACT
 3) Review Admits (holistic review of student including class rank, sat/act scores (will superscore), extra
characteristics such as essays, leadership, work history, school and community service, socioeconomic status,
history of overcoming adversity; around 32% admitted through review admission
 Review admits will be notified by March 1st
 Admission decisions are made regardless of the major you request
 If you want a high interest area major such as engineering, you will need to put both your 1st and 2nd choice as
your desired first pick major. Around 85% of incoming freshman are admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis to
their 1st choice major, after that, an admission review is completed and you are rolled to your 2nd choice major
 For engineering, there is no longer a SAT/ACT test minimum. You will now take A&M math assessment for
placement into specific engineering major (i.e. electrical, civil, aerospace)
 You have 30 days after your official acceptance for priority housing
 Housing assigned on first come, first serve basis; if you apply 31 days after acceptance letter you will be
considered after all other priority requests (reslife.tamu.edu)
 Deposit-$300, fully refundable up until May 1st
 These are honors courses, not specific honors college
 Must be in top 10% and have SAT 1250 (570 reading and math) or ACT 28 (27 reading and math)
 Courses challenge promising students, smaller classes foster inquiry, higher academic levels foster growth
 If interested in honors college, separate application
 Total COA: $22,470
 Tuition--$9, 180
 Room and Board--$9,522
 Books--$1,000
 Remember that all of these numbers are general estimates and can either fluctuate down or up depending on
Room and Board, specific degree you are seeking, etc.
 There is now locked rate tuition for 4 years of attendance (12 consecutive semesters). Visit financialaid.tamu.edu
for more tuition information
 Your locked rate is different depending on your chosen major
 Apply for scholarships by December 1st on ApplyTexas.org
 Everyone who meets the deadline of December 1st are put in the scholarship pool and won’t be offered financial
aid immediately
 Apply for a pin at pin.ed.gov for FAFSA
 Complete FAFSA as of January 1, 2015 (must submit to A&M by March 15th for priority deadline)
 A&M code for FAFSA is 003632
 Visit scholarships.tamu.edu for more information
Regents Scholar Program: $20,000 scholarship for first generation college student
Family income of $40,000 or less
Neither biological or step parent has bachelor’s degree
Linked with student success program and must live on campus freshman year
--Around 1,100 regent scholars accepted each year (must complete FAFSA by Mar 15)
 Blinn TEAM (dual enrollment with Blinn)
2 year program through Blinn then fully admitted to A&M; courses at A&M and Blinn
Still get perks of A&M student: A&M id, attend games, live on Texas A&M campus
 Summer Gateway Program
2nd session of summer school
Take 7 hours of class, 2.0 GPA
Admitted for Fall
 Transfer Admission
Sign up for program at community college/jr college and ensure all courses transfer
 Best known for ocean sciences degrees, engineering, transportation, business and liberal arts
 Around 2,500 students
 Same Aggieland traditions as College Station: Aggie ring and diploma, access to tickets to games
 Visit www.tamug.edu for more information
 Students—Sign up for Aggiebound.com for all information pertaining to Texas A&M and admissions
 Aggieland Saturday—February 14, 2015