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Oracle e-banking solutions

With a focus on Generation Y

Pal Ribarics Oracle Financial Services Analytical Solution Product Manager


• Oracle as a Strategic Partner – Oracle Generation-Y Initiative • Oracle CRM e-banking extensions – – Real time decisions Social media integration • Case Study : Jibun Bank


Generációs különbségek • • •

Boomer generáció ( kb.1940 -1960)

– Akiknek már volt színes kép a gyerekkorukról is – – Akik látták a szocializmus felemelkedését és bukását Akik közül a férfiak még a kórház folyosóján várták a gyermekük születését

X generáció ( kb.1960 – 1980)

– Akik ha hajnali 2 kor felkelnek és kimennek WC re, visszafelé ellenőrzik az – email jüket..

Akik ha észreveszik hogy otthon hagyták a mobiljukat, pánikszerűen rögtön visszafordulnak – Akik a Google keresőben keresnek mindent az interneten

Millenium – Y generáció ( kb.1980 – 2000)

– – – – Akik mindig is úgy tudták, hogy Michael Jackson fehér volt Akik a nyári üdüléskor a szállodában a WIFI hozzáférést ellenőrzik legelőször Akik szerint az email már egy elavult kommunikációs forma Akik Google keresés helyett, chat-en kérdezik meg milyen mobilt vegyenek

Forrás: Mind the Gap, Graeme Godrington and Sue Grant-Marshall

Next Generation Customers Have Arrived The Next Generation Customers

• • • • Estimated to be about

17 percent of the world’s population


Distinctly different

from previous generations as it is shaped by new technology like the mobile phone and the internet Over the next 10 years to constitute the majority of

‘wealth accumulators’

Expected to have a

higher disposable income

than their predecessors

1 U.S. Census Bureau, International Database – December, 2009


• In


Age Group • •


Believes in



spending now and saving

• A

well connected

used social media and mobile extensively generation that •

Financial novices 4

Capitalize On Oracle as Strategic Partner Front Office

• • • • • Effective distribution network Faster response time Personalized services Multi channel reach Interaction outside the bank

Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking Siebel CRM (+ social media) Siebel Branch Teller Oracle FLEXCUBE Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Oracle Revenue Management and Billing Back Office

• • Flexibility to customize products Products in partnership • Relationship Pricing • • Faster time to market Reporting and compliance


• Reporting and compliance • Scalability to support growth • High performance • Green Infrastructure


Oracle CRM e-banking extensions Real Time Decisions


“Intelligent personalization”

RTD recommends ‘Next Best Activity’ across all channels

Email Newsletters Web Mobile Web Receipts Letters PDA Web RTD Kiosk / ATM Call Center In Person 7

RTD Powered Intelligent Personalization

What Does it Do?

Customer Interaction Process

Recommends products and services in real time in the context of each interaction e.g. Call reason, Agent skill level, Time of Day, Pages Seen, Links Clicked… Process data & context Process decision point & feedback Business Process Optimization RTD Business Rules & Self-Learning Predictive Models

Takes into account multiple, competing business priorities e.g. maximise revenue whilst minimize cost and ensure channel compliance

Automatically learns and self-adjusts based on feedback to continuously improve results Inputs

Significantly more advanced and scalable than “rule-based” systems Enterprise Information Model

Integrates across multiple interaction channels e.g. web, call centre, teller, kiosk, etc 8

Retail Banking

• Goal: Improve cross-sell and retention contact centres and branches through customer service • Usage Scenario : “When a customer uses our banking services or needs assistance through our contact centre or branch, would it help to achieve our customer retention goals, if at the moment of contact our CRM system intelligently predicts and recommends a new service for the client, that will not only satisfy the client, but is also the most profitable offer that has a high likelihood of acceptance by client?”


Oracle CRM e-banking extensions Social Media Integration


The Challenge

Social Conversations aren’t tracked in Oracle apps

B2C Consumers are preferring social media over other channels, bypassing the contact center 13

Buzzient Overview Buzzient harvests content according to you customer’s brands/products Buzzient stores and analyzes the related social media And more… Social Media Analytics and Integration Platform Posts about problems, issues, sales interest, product opinion, feedback, etc.

Buzzient web app visualizes analytics and content Buzzient Analytics Oracle CRM On Demand Buzzient transparently integrates into Oracle CRM 15

©2010 Buzzient, Inc

Jibun Bank

Case Study

Integration of Telecom & Finance


Jibun Bank : 2009 e-banking summit

 Mobil telefonos bankolás     Közös vállalkozás a 2. legnagyobb japán mobil szolgáltató (KDDI) és a legnagyobb japán bank között (Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi) Oracle Flexcube Direct Banking felhasználó

400 000 ügyfél 6 hónap alatt, 5 % piaci részesedés

Szolgáltatások  30+ banki szolgáltatás     Új ügyfelek és számlanyitás mobil telefonon keresztül Automat izált KYC folyamat létező mobil telefonos ügyfelek részére Lekérdezések és tranzakciók folyó és megtakarítási számlákra valamint lekötött betétekre Közös mobil és Internet felhasználó azonosítás    Mobile to Mobile transzfer, Mobil telefonos fizetés Több mint 35 mobil értesítés (push alert)


Awards 19

Jibun Bank

Current mobile banking situation


Obstacles to mobile banking usage

Why people don’t use mobile banking (examples) ■

Security concerns in case the mobile phone is lost

■ ■

Troublesome screen operation Troublesome application procedures; No time for them

■ ■ ■

The screen/font size is too small.

Not many services/functions are available.

It seems somehow difficult to use.

July 2007 Survey by Jibun Bank: N=3,720

Basic obstacles such as security concerns and poor visibility/operability are highlighted.


Starting status of mobile channel Mobile banking treated as a secondary channel to assist the over-the-counter & PC channels Over the counter at branch ATM


Alternative method PC banking Alternative method Mobile banking Alternative to an alternative to an alternative...

Its inconvenience is only “natural”.

Counterintuitive thinking = “Mobile banking as the main channel”

Strictly Confidential


Jibun Bank

Business concept


Counterintuitive thinking Banking services using mobile phones as the “main channel” ATM (network) Alternative method PC banking Alternative method Mobile banking

Brand new banking services differentiated from the existing mobile banking


Jibun Bank

Pursuit of ease of understanding and usability


Commitment to the user interface


Allow the user to understand provided services through their intuition


Minimize the number of clicks needed to get what they want

Provide overwhelming superiority to the user interface



Initial placement on the launcher

Main Menu Jibun Bank transaction page

One click Go to the target page by a single click


Jibun Bankbook

Top page after login Deposit/withdrawal details Monthly accounts Change in balance Typical traditional screen image XX Bank Direct Announcement Balance inquiry Deposit/withdra wal detailsMoney transferSpecial t ransfer Screen change by clicking a tab

Banking expression “naturally” expected by mobile phone users


Jibun Bank

“Mobile-specific” services


Quick account-opening

Jibun Bankbook page before opening an account Enter personal information

It takes only 10-15 minutes up to this point Use the built-in camera to photograph the driver

s license and send it directly Within a week, a cash card will be sent to home to complete the account-opening process.

Data entry is minimized by using the existing subscriber information already registered for the mobile phone.

Easy quick account-opening process whenever & wherever 32

Quick account-opening

Many of the back end processes managed outside Outsorcing to best of breed players


Money transfer using a mobile phone number

Select a recipient from the address book Enter an amount/message Transfer completed

Transfer process is completed, just like sending an email.

*The recipient receives a notification email when the money is transferred into their account.


Financial product (Foreign currency deposit) “Mobile phone” taken to wherever, whenever “The dollar/yen rate has reached your target!” Constant “fluctuations in exchange rates”

When a specified rate is almost reached, an email is sent to the mobile phone.

“The dollar/yen rate has reached your target!” To forex saving account To forex term deposit

200 Bar chart=Sales transaction(Left Y-axis) Line Graph= US$ rate change compared to previous day (Right Y-axis) 3.0

150 2.0

100 50 1.0


-50 -100 -2.0

Service leveraging the “whenever” nature of mobile phones


Card loan

The entire procedure from loan application to borrowing is completed by “using only a mobile phone”.

The application procedure is completed when information required for loan assessment is entered via the mobile phone. Then, the assessment starts immediately.

■ じぶんローン

6 .5



• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 24

時間かんたんお申込み! 指先ひとつでいつでもお借入れ! プライバシーも安心

• • Data entry takes about 10 minutes.

Assessment starts Notification for assessment completion, loan (execution), and reminder notice (in case of a delay in payment) are all enabled via the mobile phone email function and handset operation.

Easy operation & secured privacy


Card loan

Many of the back end processes managed outside Outsorcing to best of breed players


Jibun Bank

Security – Coexistence with convenience


Security measures using mobile phone features


Unique mobile subscriber number (linked to only one user) is used as the authentication key (via the au information link service).


ATM-lock and PC-lock functions can be set from the mobile phone belonging to the subscriber.


Phishing/spoofing attacks are prevented through utilization of mobile phone network characteristics.


Prevention of fraudulent accounts & crimes

During the account-opening process (a proactive approach)

Name, birthday and address are checked on the system to prevent the user from opening multiple accounts.

(The system sends a warning to those who apply for multiple accounts under the same address.)

During the transaction process (a water’s edge approach)

 The system checks for any suspicious transaction.

As an Internet bank, a special focus must be placed on complete and proactive prevention.


Jibun Bank

Strategic IT utilization


System configuration

Wide range of transaction channels Flexible coordination with external systems J2EE-based Software development for scalability Introduction/ operation cases in and beyond Japan Parameter-driven product design (for easy customization)

The flexibility of the system is guaranteed through coordination among various layers such as channels, front office, back office, and external systems.