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About Us

• • • • • • • • Apex Telecom is a part of Apex Web Services & Online Education Pvt. Ltd. In the business solutions division, Apex has given business and software solutions to more than 800 companies across India.

Apex Group is one of India’s prominent business houses established in the year 2004 with a diverse portfolio of assets in : Software Development Business Solutions Online Gaming Investigations Technology-enabled Services Infrastructure Development Water Treatment Online Education

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Business Opportunity

The Best 4 ways  Subscriber Opportunity (Basic plan)  Apex BSNL CUG  Repurchase Plan  Orbit Plan

1. Basic Business Plan

Subscriber Opportunity Criteria:   Pay Rs.350/- and purchase online, “an Hand Book on effects of Radiation”.

Refer 2 persons as partners and start your business.

    Compensation : An amount of Rs 100 will be compensated for every set.

First set must be 1:2 or 2:1 and from 2nd set onwards, the ratio will be 1:1.

Daily ceiling of 5 Sets will be paid and all additional matched sets will be flushed.

Unmatched sales will be carried forward.

2 nd set and onwards A B 1:1 = 1 Set Note:

On not creating two direct sales (A-Team and B-Team) within 1 week, daily ceiling drops to 2 Sets.

To retain 5 sets ceiling make 5 sets in 1 day


Apex has joined hands with BSNL to give Closed User Group (CUG) in BSNL Pre Paid Services. The following are the features of this APEX CUG     Get unlimited free calling within the Apex group by paying Rs.100/- per month This CUG facility is only for DME’s, Area Franchisee’s, District Franchisee’s, Agents and Employees of Apex group RC 40 extra currency will be done every month to the Apex CUG members, who pay their monthly amount in time.

Call Charges will be 1.2 paisa for BSNL and 1.3 paisa for Non BSNL Numbers (for non CUG users).

Note : If Users fail to pay Rs.100, then you will be removed from the group and to re-enter the group, one has to pay RS.100 extra as penalty.

Repurchase Plan

Option 1 -

For APEX CUG Users BSNL is providing CUG services at Rs.100 per month. The subscriber will get free unlimited calling within the Apex Group . A family with 5 CUG connections can easily create a monthly Income up to Rs.50000, Provided all users get the eligibility as shown.

Eligibility:    The DME must be in APEX CUG with a valid BSNL number.

Monthly CUG Renewal must be done to receive this incentive.

Incentives are calculated only on Active CUG users in your team.

Option 2 - Non APEX CUG Users Eligibility  Non APEX CUG Users can avail this facility.

 In a given calendar month, the user must do a top-up or recharge for any mobile or DTH for an amount of Rs.500/- or more to get eligible for this incentive.

How Monthly REPURCHASE PLAN Income is calculated:  This is Uni-Level sharing plan with unlimited depth.

 Rs 1/- Per Renewal is paid till unlimited depth on a monthly basis.

 For every direct sale, one level will be added to your incentive eligibility.

 For Example, if you have 6 direct sales, then, you are eligible for Renewal Income upto 6 levels only.

 There is a monthly capping of Rs.10000 on this income per user account.


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Repurchase Income Structure:

Note: Ram, John, Joy, Sam, Rob, Alex are sponsored by YOU .

Calculate your monthly income through Repurchase plan by clicking the link below:

Orbit Plan

 To create maximum income to the networkers, we have introduced Revolving Orbit Plan. It contains Primary Orbit and Secondary Orbit.

 Any user can enter in Orbit plan by purchasing a Celkon Mobile


 Upgrade your Account to Recharge Partner by paying 1000/- (Non-Refundable)  Achiever of Primary Orbit will get Rs.1000 and shall be promoted to Secondary Orbit.

 Achiever of Secondary Orbit will get Rs.20,000 .

 Once this orbit created properly then it’s a life time earning without efforts.

Orbit Plan

 Income in this plan is based on the number of direct sales done by a DME.

 A minimum of 2 direct sales is mandatory to get achievement in this plan.

 If the achiever has less than 2 referrals, then even before the Orbit splits, the user will be replaced by a user who makes 2 referrals.

 Each direct sale will give one referral count. This Count is displayed on your orbit position.

The direct sales of the DME’s present in that particular orbit occupies the vacant  Orbit requires 15 sales to get filled. As soon as the orbit gets filled, the person in the middle will be the achiever.

 Once a orbit is filled, the achiever is sent out and the balance DMEs will be divided into two groups of 7 DMEs each.  In the process of splitting the orbit, the DMEs will always follow their sponsor.

 User who achieved Primary Orbit with less than 2 referral count then he or she will be promoted to Secondary Orbit, but the Primary Orbit incentive of Rs.1000/- will be paid.

Bit More Information

• • • •

Hand book Radiation patch Direct marketing Procedure of registration

Hand Book on Effects of Radiation

This hand book of radiation is a simple and effective guide which contains the total ill effects of EMR radiations at higher frequencies on human brain.

Once a person reads this book, the person gets best way to get protection from Radiation.

We are also providing an Anti Radiation Patch as a Free Gift along this book.

This book is result of many case studies and researches conducted and yes it is a genuine guide.

The following facilities are provided along with the book:

1. Anti Radiation Patch 2. Seven Apex Market Promo Codes worth Rs.50 each 3. Online Recharge facility for Mobile and DTH 4. 6 key numbers of

5. CUG facility from BSNL for Pre Paid mobiles

Anti Radiation Patch

 Absorbs and transfer electromagnetic radiation waves by using special materials and reduce mobile phone radiation injury on the human brain of 96.43


 Increases the talk time and stand-by time of your mobile phone.

 Increases the life span of an old cell phone battery.

 Extend the service life of rechargeable battery two to three times.

 Quick charge and save 50% of charging time.

 Resume the battery capacity and extend the standby time 1.5-2 times.

How to use: Paste on the battery of your cell phone (paste here can reduce about 70% of the radiation injury and extend the standby time 0.5-2 times and save 50% of charging time.) Imp : When you paste the sticker on the battery you should avoid the electrodes.

Direct Marketing/MLM

Direct Marketing is a form of advertising in which products are provided to consumers in order to communicate information about a product or service.

Direct marketing removes the "middle man" from the promotion process, as a company's message is provided directly to a potential customer through personal contacts.

With no TV adds for products direct selling/marketing works on of publicity by Word Of Mouth (WOM).

the basis Here the company shares its profits directly with customers by providing the business opportunity

Advantages:  Income potential of 100 to 3000 per week.

 Payment is for the sales done by you and your team also.

 Weekly payment on every Monday.

 Carry forward system of unmatched sales.

 Business is 100% online.

 Equal share – No hierarchy.

 Less investment with high returns.

 Team support and trainings.

 You become Independent Representative of the company.

 Income tax is paid at source for the returns-TDS.

  

How to Register with Apex ?

Deposit Rs 350/- in company bank account. For bank details click on below link

Franchisee or approach your nearest Area We will send you the PIN to your mobile number or Email.

Now open and enter your mobile number and click on submit as shown below image

• Fill your details like Personal Information, Current Network details, Pin code, Bank details etc., and click next as shown in below image

• Enter your sponsor details , placement and PIN number which you has been received from the company as shown in the below image.

• Now you joined Apex Telecom successfully. You will receive a login password through SMS in your mobile and registered E-mail ID.

• Give miss call to below number for your mobile verification.

Now All set for journey towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Rock on…

  

• • • •

What it is not!

NOT an Offer of Employment

– A distributor is independent

NOT a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme

– It takes time, work and effort

NOT an investment opportunity

– It is a business

NOT a pyramid scheme

– A distributor is NOT paid for recruiting; a distributor is only paid for the sale of products by ones’ self and one’s down lines

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