Anne Widney Healthcare coalitions

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Transcript Anne Widney Healthcare coalitions

Healthcare Coalitions in Washington

September 2010

Public Health Regions

Healthcare Coalitions

9 Regional Healthcare Coalitions

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Local Coalitions Subcommittees Hospitals Committees

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Healthcare Coalition Partners Public Health Hospitals EMS Clinics Emergency Management

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Tribes Mental Health Long Term Care Home Health Law Enforcement Coroners/MEs

Coalition Purpose

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Strengthens, builds, and broadens relationships and partnerships Facilitate efficient communication, information and resource sharing Maximize movement and utilization of existing resources Increase the number of individuals that can be treated in an emergency Sources: Barbera and Macintyre, Medical Surge Capacity and Capability, August, 2004 and Knebel, Ann R, Academy Health Annual Meeting June 6, 2006 ppt

Coalition Responsibilities

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Increase Medical Surge Capacity and Capability:

General Emergency Preparedness Planning

Alternate Care Facilities

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Vulnerable Populations Evacuation/Shelter-In-Place MOU/MAA Development Regional Exercises & Training Strategic Planning Equipment Purchasing Interoperable Communication

Benefits of Membership

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Meet grant requirements Efficient use of resources Familiarity among healthcare system partners Coordinated medical response Establish processes for mutual aid Access to ASPR Funding


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Anne Benoist – Region 3 Healthcare Coalition Rich Bly – Emergency Preparedness, Quinault Indian Nation Carl Rebstock – Emergency Management, Nisqually Indian Tribe