The Woman In Black - We Don't Need no Education

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The Woman in Black is an EXAM text
We are reading it now so that you are familiar with it
We will revise it in Year 11
We are going to create a Woman In Black folder which I will
The Woman In Black
Lesson Objective:
To be able to show understanding of the
genre and background to the novel
Pre-reading Activities: Book cover predictions
Susan Hill
“One evening I was browsing along my bookshelves trying to hit
upon just the right thing to read when I came to The Turn of the
Screw [by Henry James] and as I settled down to re-read it, I
thought how much I had always admired it and how brilliantly
James creates the atmosphere of the house called Bly in which it
is set: out of the blue I thought ‘I wonder if I could write a ghost
novel myself?’”
Susan Hill
Ghost Story Genre
• In what ways do you think the ‘Ghost Story’ is different to a
‘horror story’?
• Can you name any Ghost Stories?
• What are the traditions / conventions of a ghost story?
Pre-reading Literary Terms
Gothic Literature
• Gothic fiction (sometimes referred to as Gothic
horror) is a genre of literature that combines
elements of both horror and romance. Gothic
novels concentrate on extreme emotions, the
thrills of fearfulness and awe and a quest
for atmosphere.
Frame Narrative
• A frame story is a story within a story
What is Gothic?
• A polysemantic term as it is a term that can be
applied to many things
• Gothic = anything out of the ordinary???
What to look for in Gothic Literature
A strange or exotic Setting
A fascination for the past
The eccentric and far-fetched
Psychological insight
Narrative framing
Create a front cover for your folder
• The title of the novel
• The author’s name
• An image that you think will be relevant to the
• Words and phrases which are typical of ghost
• Predictions about what the story will be about
The Woman in Black
Lesson Objective:
To begin to read and understand the
plot of the novel
Pre-reading Activities
Christmas Eve
A London Particular
The Journey North
The Funeral of Mrs Drablow
Across the causeway
The Sound of a Pony and
Mr Jerome is Afraid
In the Nursery
Whistle and I’ll Come to You
A Packet of Letters
The Woman in Black
• What do you think might happen in
each chapter?
Write a brief synopsis in no more
then 10 words
As we read the novel, at the end of
each chapter, remember to check
whether your predictions were
Chapter 1
• The narrator, Kipps,
introduces himself to
the reader
• He is now an old man
and he prepares to tell
us the story of his past
• As we read, try and
identify references to
his past
• Are these references to
the past positive or
• How is Kipps preparing
the reader for what is
to come?