Disruptive Change in the Diamond Industry

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Transcript Disruptive Change in the Diamond Industry

Disruptive Change in the
Diamond Industry
Compliance, Financing & Derivatives
Mumbai January 2015
• polishedprices – ‘The importance of Bench Mark
Pricing’ Emma Muller- co founder of
• Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX)Ilya Polner CEO of SDiX
• Swiss Global Management (Julius Baer)‘Diamond Funds’, Stephan Mueller responsible
for the launch of Julius Baer’s gold ETF and
Chairman of SFMA ETF Equity Group
• Consultant for RBS Markets, Geoffrey Wyatt,
‘Regulating Investable Diamond Linked Products’
Afternoon sessions:
Diamond Funds & Derivatives
•Stephan Mueller – Swiss Glbal Asset Management
•Charles Wyndham – Polishedprices
Developing new diamond sales channel:
Commodity trading & Finance
•Linus Koh – Head of Product Development SDiX
•Alain Vanvenborre – Chairman SDiX
•Ilya Polner – CEO SDiX
ETF requirements & compliance
•Geoffrey Wyatt
•Dilip Mehta – Rosy Blue
•Pranay Narvekar – Pharo Beam Consulting