the need for aesthetics

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What is happiness?
Is it important?
What is well-being?
Is it good health?
Is it utility or welfare (e.g. access to
economic resources, healthcare, family and
community support)?
Is it a feeling of happiness, satisfaction,
contentment, and fulfillment?
While we have a good of idea of
what suffering looks like…
…but what about flourishing?
The UK’s Sustainable Development Strategy
defines well-being as a positive physical, social
and mental state requiring:
needs are met
have a sense of purpose
feel able to achieve important personal
goals and participate in society
A taxonomy of well-being?
Different types of well-being include:
needs (necessary prerequisites for human wellbeing; e.g. health, income, education, freedom)
needs (autonomy, competence, and
(living the ‘good life’ – being able to reach
your full potential)
(an optimal positive affect balance)
(a subjective appraisal of aspects of life and
how it is going; that is, judgment about feelings)
Why should I care about
Gallup reported that lost
productivity due to employee
disengagement costs more
than $300 billion .
James Harter and his
colleagues found that
business sales and profits are
predicted by employees’
feelings about the
Benefits of Happiness
Social Rewards
Better Health
Better Work Performance
More Creativity
Learn about your
BeyondThePurchase.Org helps
people understand their own
happiness.Your responses will
also help researchers understand
how happy people think and
Discussion Questions
Were your results on the Satisfaction with
Life Scale what you expected? If not, why
might that be the case?
Which measure of well-being was your
favorite? Which do you think is most
What activities could you do to improve
your well-being?