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Bonnie Stine
Longleaf Partnership Council Meeting
Mobile, Alabama
April 25, 2013
 North Carolina
 South Carolina
 Georgia
 Florida
 Alabama
 Mississippi
 Texas/Louisiana
 Virginia
Team Leads
Susan Miller – US Fish and Wildlife Service
Kim Shumate – NC Forest Service
 The NC Longleaf Coalition held a meeting on March 19.
 The NC Sandhills and Onslow Bight both received LSF grants in
2012, with increasing fire central to both efforts.
 Cooperative efforts are underway near Camp Lejeune with
USMC related to RCW recovery.
 A joint meeting of the Onslow Bight and Cape Fear partnerships
is being planned.
Team Lead
Russell Hubright – SC Forestry Commission
 The first State Implementation Team meeting will be held
in May.
 The SCFC is utilizing a competitive grant to host a LLA
academy 201.
 The NWTF has helped write 120 landowner management
plans that will result in 7,000 acres of longleaf
establishment on private lands.
Team Leads
Reggie Thackston – GA DNR Wildlife Resources
Scott Griffin GA Forestry Commission
 There are 10 different organizations involved in the Georgia state
 NRCS reports that $1.5 million expended in EQIP longleaf and
$4.5 million in WHIP Working Lands for Wildlife.
 Longleaf Alliance 101 and 102 academies are planned in Georgia.
 GFC is utilizing USFS S&P grants to monitor how effective past
longleaf restoration work has been.
Team Lead
Bonnie Stine – FL Forest Service
 A significant land acquisition totaling 1,041 acres was recently completed west
of Eglin AFB.
 The Okefenokee/Osceola Local Implementation Team has formed and
submitted a LSF grant proposal for 2013. The proposal includes hiring of
coordinator, implementation of prescribed fire and longleaf establishment,
private landowner education/outreach, and engaging large industrial
landowners. The next meeting is in May.
 Florid Forest Service Foresters are conducting a longleaf pine ecosystem rapid
assessment that includes condition of overstory, mid-story and ground cover.
This assessment protocol was developed by the Florida Natural Areas Inventory
and will provide the first qualitative geospatial information regarding current
statewide longleaf conditions.
Team Leads
Tim Albritton – USDA NRCS
Ad Platt – Longleaf Alliance
The ALERT (Alabama Longleaf Ecosystem Restoration Team) met on March 20 and has now grown
to 14 TSPs representing 13 different organizations. A proposal was submitted to the LSF to expand
and extend this team .
A successful field day was held at Saloom properties in Conecuh County on April 18th. Also
planning field days in Baldwin County and elsewhere.
NRCS is obligating $2,000,000 to longleaf in 2013, and recently funded 132 contracts covering
approximately 13,300 acres, mostly for establishing new stands. The majority of funds went to the
longleaf range in south Alabama. Next will be ranking and funding some $4,000,000 in WHIP for the
Gopher Tortoise Habitat Improvement Landscape Initiative. Interest remains strong, with some 358
applications for over $7,000,000, with the majority of these also in south Alabama.
AL Presc. Fire council planned for this fall in Eufala; the theme is Rx fire, are we getting the job
done. Includes DoD participation in development. Also planning a wildlife school for
landowners. AWF is currently conducting NWSG Field Days demonstrating successful establishment
on four sites across the state.
Team Lead
Jim Hancock – MS Forestry Commission
The Mississippi State Coordination Team has organized workgroups that includes
Media/Outreach, Economics, Reforestation, Ecosystem Implementation, and Research.
The American Forest Foundation submitted a LSF grant proposal for the Piney Woods
region of SE Mississippi. A landowner field day is scheduled for Saturday, April 27 and
will provide focus to underserved landowners.
The state fire council will take the lead on fire workshop. Tamara Campbell is very active
in providing technical assistance to landowners.
Through the accelerated longleaf restoration effort (national priority funding), the
DeSoto NF received $2.6 million in 2012 resulting in 86,000 acres of longleaf
improvements, including 70,000 acres of prescribed fire and 4,000 acres of planting.
Stewardship contracting is being utilized as part of this project.
Team Leads
• Todd Nightingale – Texas Co-Chair, TX Forest Service
• Rick Jacob Louisiana Co-Chair, The Nature Conservancy
• Luke Lewis – National Wild Turkey Federation
• Roel Lopez – Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources
Landowner workshops will be taking place on May 21 in Texas and May 23 in Louisiana.
Training to be focused on prescribed burning and smoke management.
 TNC has applied for a LSF grant to provide funding for a a part-time coordinator for the
Longleaf Ridge and Big Thicket SGAs. The proposal includes the completion of
archeological surveys on the NFs in Texas and includes work on the Sandy Lands
Preserve near the Big Thicket.
 The West Central Louisiana Steering Committee remains active and work is underway to
implement the LSF project from 2012.
Team Leads
Todd Edgerton – VA Division of Forestry
Brian Van Eerden – The Nature Conservancy
 Current estimates of the team indicate there are
approximately 4,200 acres of longleaf in Virginia.
 Forest Legacy funds totaling $1 million leveraged to
purchase of 2,500 acres of priority lands; some of last
remaining longleaf in Virginia.
All state implementation teams are developing
methodology for collecting public and private land
accomplishments by practice acres and dollars. This
process was outlined by conference calls hosted by
Glen Gaines and Clay Ware on April 2 and 9.