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PSM Student and Alumni
Membership Presentation
What is the NPSMA?
The National Professional Science Master’s Association (NPSMA) is
a collaborative of PSM degree program directors, faculty,
administrators, alumni, and students that support PSM degree
It is an engine to drive the expansion of the reputation of this new
vibrant degree. It engages businesses, industries, nonprofit
organizations, and government agencies in the promotion of PSM
degree programs.
It assists in identification of internship opportunities and seeks more
efficient ways to match PSM degree recipients with jobs.
The NPSMA is the go-to organization for the PSM degree as the
graduate degree-of-choice for students in science, mathematics, and
What is NPSMA’s Purpose?
• To be go-to organization for everything concerning
• To be the voice for PSM programs and graduates
• To engage in outreach to businesses, industries,
nonprofit organizations, government agencies,
and trade associations
• To provide resources for new PSM programs
• To collect and disburse data
Who Guides the NPSMA?
NPSMA National Advisory Board
John Baldoni, Senior Vice President, Preclinical Development, Glaxo-Smith-Kline
Shane Barrow, National Internship Director, American Conservation Experience
Bill Fitzgerald, Vice President and General Manager, GEnx Product Line, GE Aviation
Patrick Lukulay, Director, U.S. Pharmacopeia Drug Quality & Information Program
Carol Lynch, Senior Scholar in Residence, Council of Graduate Schools
Jerry Rovner, Consultant Engineer, Process Engineering Division, Chevron Energy Technology
Susan Sloan, Director, GUIRR, The National Academies of Science
James Spohrer, Director, IBM University Programs (IBM UP)
Michael Teitelbaum, Program Director, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Sheila Tobias, Author and Consultant, NPSMA Academic Liaison
Jeffry Vaught, Executive Vice-President and CSO, Cephalon
NPSMA Board Member Engagement
• Feedback on Best Practices and Workforce Development
• Recommendations on education metrics
• Evaluation of Research reports on the PSM degree
• Influence on PSM policy developments
• Providing marketing advice and helping to promote the
NPSMA and PSM Programs to corporate America
PSM Program Map
Over 235 programs offered
at 110 universities
growth of
PSMs being
offered year
after year
since 1990’s
Graph by CGS 1/11
Input Needed from Students and Alumni
HELP the NPSMA to improve PSM Programs and Recognition of
PSM Degrees in Industry!
 What tools and assistance can the NPSMA
provide PSM students?
 How can PSM programs be improved?
 How can job search after graduation be made easier?
 What workforce skills are needed?
 What professional skills are not supplied by universities?
 What got you hired?
 Are you applying science skills at your job?
What Can the NPSMA Offer You?
Networking Opportunities with current students, PSM
alumni and employers
• Linkedin & Facebook
• Expand your professional network!
Q&A Bulletin Board at (under Products
and Services) to seek help with your education or career
from professors, industry experts, and students
Best Practices Workshops & Annual Conferences where
students can present their work and network with those
in academia and the industry
….. Cont’d ….
…and that’s not all!
Career Center at (under Products
and Services) to aid in job searches
Access to research reports on employment, alumni,
and best practices
Future Initiatives To Be Offered:
• Student Ambassador Program
• Regional Student Ambassadors to host regional/local
events for PSM Students and Alumni who are
members of the NPSMA
• As membership increases the NPSMA will coordinate
local social events for Alumni, Students and industry
Alumni/Student Membership
Students of PSM programs:
Your first year of membership is FREE, if your university
has a membership to the NPSMA
Your second year is only $25!!
Membership form available on our web site:
Please Contact:
Debra Warren-Hite, NPSMA Coordinator at
[email protected]
Michael Morad, NPSMA Board of Directors,
Student and Alumni Liaison at
[email protected]