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Care Act 2014:
Lewisham Health and Social Care Forum
The wellbeing principle
“The general duty of a local authority, … in the case of
an individual, is to promote that individual’s wellbeing”.
 Wellbeing broadly defined: 9 areas in particular
 Local authorities should also have regard to other key principles when
carrying out their activities, such as beginning with the assumption that
the individual is best-placed to judge their well-being
 Safeguarding is the process of protecting adults with care and support
needs from abuse or neglect
 Key responsibility is with local authorities, in partnership with the police
and the NHS
 However, all organisations working with individuals who have care or
support needs are affected
 Strong existing practice in Lewisham and London.
 Care Act puts adult safeguarding on a legal footing from April 2015
The statutory guidance enshrines the six principles of safeguarding:
1. Empowerment – person-led decisions and informed consent
2. Prevention – it is better to take action before harm occurs
3. Proportionality – proportionate and least intrusive response, as
appropriate to the risk presented
4. Protection – support and representation for those in greatest need
5. Partnerships – local solutions through services working with their
6. Accountability – accountability and transparency in delivering
Safeguarding Adults Board:
Oversees adult safeguarding in each locality
Led by the Local Authority
Include the NHS and Police, plus other bodies as appropriate
To develop a shared plan for adult safeguarding, working with local
people to decide how best to protect adults in vulnerable situations
 To publish the safeguarding plan and report annually on its progress
 Conduct Safeguarding Adult Reviews
Implications for Provider / VCS
 Be familiar with the local multi-agency policy and procedures, and
 Have internal procedures to direct staff on what to do if they encounter
 Have a nominated lead for safeguarding
 Understand that you must share information in cases of abuse.
 All staff and volunteers should have at least basic safeguarding
 Develop/refresh your provision of advice, signposting and prevention
 Providers of care regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
have a duty to report any allegations of abuse or neglect to the CQC.