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Haynes Academy
Sophomore Presentation in Preparation for Junior Year 2014-2015
College Application Guide
Counseling Department Team:
Mrs. Carla Deckelmann
[email protected]
Mrs. Sethu Natarajan
[email protected]
Haynes School CEEB Code: 191-793
ACT Code: 1595
SAT Code: 9019
College Site: www.haynesacademyguidance.com
NCAA Code: 9999
College Requirements
Beginning Fall 2014, Entering College Freshmen are Required to have an
ACT English score of 18 and Math score of 19 in order to Enter a 4-Year LA University
State University
Tulane University
Incoming freshman
must have at least a
3.0 academic GPA
calculated from
academic LA Core
Students must also
have completed at
least 19 units of new
Fall 2012 collegepreparatory courses.
Applicants must have
a minimum of SAT
score (critical reading
and math) of 1030 or
at least a composite
ACT score of 22.
Freshman, Fall
2013 had SAT
score between
1950-2150 or at
least a composite
ACT score of 2932.
University of
All students
completing the
Curriculum (CPC)
with a minimum of
2.0 high school
GPA on the CPC
and a score of 18
or higher on the
ACT (composite)
or a combined
SAT score of 860
University of
New Orleans
Minimum score of
19 Math in the
ACT (460 SAT)
Minimum score of
18 English in the
ACT (450 SAT)
ACT composite
score of 23 or
greater (SAT
1060) or
High school core
GPA of 2.5 or
If you are thinking of going out of state, some schools like USM
give Regional Scholarships to waive out of state fees.
What College is right for you?
• Reach for the Stars Schools:
-these are the colleges you really want to attend but
you have reservations due to cost, distance, or
criteria to be accepted.
• Target (Bullseye)Schools
-these are the colleges that you pretty much know
you can get into and don’t have worries about cost,
distance, criteria, etc. and you do want to attend.
• Safety (No Sweat) Schools
-these are the colleges that you can get accepted with
your eyes closed and hands tied behind your back.
Weighted GPA vs.
Un-Weighted GPA
Some Schools, such
as LSU, only look at
your core/unweighted GPA. That
is the courses you
have to take to
graduate from high
Many schools look
at weighted GPA
and that is what
Haynes will use to
Salutatorian, etc.
When do I start to take the ACT/SAT?
 Take one ACT and one SAT in your Sophomore year!!
Upcoming Dates – ACT—www.act.org
 March 18, 2014 PLAN Test (Pre-ACT designed for 10th graders)
 April 12, 2014 – Reg. Deadline* – March 7
 June 14, 2014 – Reg. Deadline* – May 9
Upcoming Dates – SAT—www.collegeboard.com
 March 8, 2014 – Reg. Deadline* – February 7
 May 3, 2014 – Reg. Deadline* -- April 4
 June 7, 2014 – Reg. Deadline* -- May 9
*Additional fees of $25 are charged after the regular deadline.
Jr. and Sr. students on free/reduced lunch may take the SAT/ACT two times each for free
during the two years.
You MUST reapply to the lunch program each year.
Check out this site:
College credit for a course toward your major or an elective
credit required by your major
Advancement in college courses—do college web research
under admissions tab to view required score needed for
advanced placement (usually 3, 4 or 5)
Cost to is $89 compared to a college course of $1,000
Cost is $54 for students on free/reduced lunch
Give to the legacy of your great school of Haynes (not taking
it you leave a “0” on the Haynes report card). This statistic is
printed in the newspaper.
Haynes Counseling Department
Designed personally for Haynes students
 Please visit and answer some questions
 Is it easy to navigate?
 Is it user friendly?
 What would you like to see on the website?
TOPS Awards
Opportunity Award Requirement
Approx. $4,000 toward TUITION annually
Core GPA 2.50
20 ACT or 940 SAT
Performance Award Requirements
Approx. $4,000 + $400 toward TUITION annually
Core GPA 3.00
23 ACT or 1050 SAT
Honors Award Requirements
Approx. $4,000 + $800 toward TUITION annually
Core GPA 3.00
27 ACT or 1210 SAT
Cool Tools
Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOFSA)
Where TOPS lives!
FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Prepare for College, Types of Aid, Apply to TOPS, Who gets aid, apply for aid,
repay your loans
Fast Web
Louisiana Connect
An excellent, comprehensive, college & career, scholarship resource site
The High Five Scholarship Site