Sonia Perna, Instructor

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Sonia Perna, Instructor
Sonia’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Education, both with distinction, and a
Master of Arts in English. Sonia has taught in CALS for the past 15 years.
Other teaching engagements include teaching English at The University of Calgary and Bow Valley College as well as
at the junior high and high school levels. In addition to teaching, Sonia has extensive experience in curriculum
development and design and has developed several courses, including four degree courses.
Sonia has also gained professional experience in the field of business when she worked in programming and
marketing for The City of Calgary for seven years.
Introduction to Sociology
Sociology: Technology and Science in Society
Introduction to Humanities
Literature and Composition
Writing for Journalism
Canadian literature
African-American women’s writing
The novel, short story, and nanofiction
• The use of technology in learning and the workplace
• The history of technology
• Technology and science in society (past and current issues)
• Race and gender issues
• Media representation
• The environment and population
• Art history, architecture, and literature in western civilization and Africa, China, Japan, India
• The history of music in western culture
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