“Courtroom Etiquette”—PowerPoint Presentation

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Transcript “Courtroom Etiquette”—PowerPoint Presentation

Courtroom Etiquette
Dress as if you are going to church with
your grandmother.
No t-shirts, baggy pants, cut-offs, hats,
halter tops,
No chewing gum or food
Wear a suit and tie, if possible.
Courtroom Etiquette
Silence is a necessity.
No cell phones.
Speak clearly.
Look at the judge when you talk.
Do not use profane language.
Don’t be over friendly.
Courtroom Etiquette
Stand when the judge enters.
Sit when the judge sits.
When entering and leaving the court,
bow (nod) your head.
Sit up straight.
Courtroom Etiquette
Be on time.
Always show up.
Answer when you name is called.