Biomedical Graduate Studies: University of Pennsylvania

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Transcript Biomedical Graduate Studies: University of Pennsylvania

Perelman School
of Medicine
• Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
• Cell & Molecular Biology
•Microbiology, Virology, Parasitology
Dental Medicine
•Genetics and Gene Regulation
•Gene Therapy and Vaccines
•Dev., Stem Cell & Regenerative Biol.
•Cell Biology and Physiology
•Cancer Biology
Wistar Institute
Institute for
Children’s Hospital
of Philadelphia
• Epidemiology/Biostatistics
Art & Sciences
Engineering &
Applied Sciences
•Genomics/Computational Biology
• Immunology
• Neuroscience
• Pharmacology
NIH Intramural
Mission of BGS
To recruit top-quality graduate students in the
biomedical sciences
To provide students with advanced, comprehensive,
interdisciplinary training and career preparation
BGS Students and Faculty
• 754 Students
– 598 PhD
– 139 MD-PhD
– 17 VMD-PhD
• 653 Faculty
– 76% in the School of
– 24% in other Schools
and Institutes
Online Application
Statement of purpose
Research statement
Three (3) letters of recommendation
Transcripts from all institutions attended
Test scores sent directly from the testing service
o General GRE for all applicants
o TOEFL for students for whom English is not the native
o BGS does not require any GRE subject tests
• Uniform Criteria and Admissions Process for all Graduate Groups
• High Potential and Commitment to Career in Biomedical
– Research Experience Required
– Letter(s) of Recommendation from a Research Supervisor
(preferably PI/Lab head)
– Interview at Penn by members of Graduate Group
• 2011 Admissions
– 1216 app./256 admit/112 matric.
– GREs 620V - 750Q - 4.5W
– GPAs 3.67
• Applicant Interviews Arranged by graduate groups
• Central BGS Admissions Committee for Evaluating
• All Offers Fully-Funded –stipend, tuition, health
Prep class
Lab Rotation
Graduate School Career
Year 1
Year 2
Core Courses (cell
Grad Group Specific
biology, gene
Grad Group Specific
Preliminary Exam
Seminars / Retreats
Seminars / Retreats
Lab Rotations
Lab Research
Year 5+
Years 3 & 4
Thesis Completion
Thesis Research
Talks & Presentations
Scientific Meetings
Seminars / Retreats
Postdoc Search
Scientific Meetings
Graduate School Curriculum
• Pre-dissertation - 18 months
 Required and Elective Courses
 3 (or more) one semester long lab rotations
• Preliminary Examination - end of second year
• Dissertation
 Thesis Advisor
 Thesis Committee
• Thesis Defense
 Public Lecture
 Thesis Committee (and External Member)
• Responsible Conduct of Research - Annual
Combined PhD/Certificate Programs
HHMI Med into Grad Scholars (HMGS) Program
•To provide training in human biology and physiology to basic science PhD
•To prepare students to effectively interact with clinical scientists to address
medical relevant research problems
•Funded by the HHMI
Public Health Certificate Program (PHCP)
•To provide training in population-based approaches and applications for PhD
students in molecular, cellular, and biochemical sciences
•To prepare students for careers in academic, industrial, and government
Certificate Program in Environmental Health Sciences
To provide training to span the disciplines of translational environmental
health sciences
BGS-Sponsored Special Events and
Career Development
• Career Counseling - Career Fair (With OPP), Seminar Series,
• Saul Winegrad Awards for Distinguished Dissertations
• Convocation, Commencement Ceremonies
• BGS Supports Graduate Group-Organized Seminars &
• Funding for travel to scientific conferences or special courses
Grad Student Organizations
– Organizes career sessions and talks
– Social events
– Represents BGS at University-wide GS meetings
EE Just (
– Network for URM students
– Organizes seminars
– Social Events
Grad Student Center
Career Services
Other BGS Programs
Summer Undergraduate Internship Program in the
Biological Sciences (SUIP)
Summer Undergraduate Internship
Program (SUIP)
• 10 week summer research rotation
(Stipend, housing, travel to Penn)
•Career planning
•Bioethics training
•Leadership Alliance Conference
•Social events
Applying to SUIP
Applicants should submit the following:
1) Online application form
2) Statement detailing
 your career goals
which broad areas of biomedical science you are interested
in researching this summer
3) Description of your research experience and/or lab courses you have taken
4) Two letters of recommendation from academic faculty or advisors
5) Official undergraduate transcript. Please include your Fall grades.
Areas of Research
Broad areas of research interest include:
• Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
• Cell and Molecular Biology
Cell Biology and Physiology
Cancer Biology
Developmental, Stem Cell, and Regenerative
Genetics and Gene Regulation
Gene Therapy and Vaccines
Microbiology, Virology, and Parasitology
• Genomics and Computational Biology
• Immunology
• Neuroscience
• Pharmacology
Leadership Alliance
National Conference
Penn Annual SUIP
Research Symposium
2011 Annual Biomedical Research
Conference for Minority Students
From Left to Right: Anamaria Alexandrescu; Melissa Jarmel; Monica Thomas;
Jose Vargas Muniz; Meilin Fernandez; Alejandro Arroyo Pachecho; Jesus M.
Other BGS Programs
Post-Baccalaureate Research Education
Preparation Program (PennPrep)
Post-Baccalaureate Research Education
Preparation Program (PennPrep)
• 1 to 2 years research experience
(Stipend and health insurance)
• 1 graduate level course/semester
• Career planning
• Bioethics training/ Safety training
• GRE preparation
• Scientific Seminars
• Graduate School application preparation
• National Conference (ABRCMS, SACNAS, etc)
• Social events
Applying to PREP
Applicants should submit the following:
1) Online application form
2) Statement detailing
 science background, coursework, and any relevant research experience
 description of your interest in a research career
 justification as to why PREP program will fulfill your goals
3) Three letters of recommendation from academic faculty or advisors
4) Official undergraduate transcript
Useful Web Sites
• U of P:
• Biomedical Graduate Studies:
• City of Philadelphia general information:
Arnaldo J. Diaz, Ph.D.
Recruitment and Special Programs
Biomedical Graduate Studies
(email) [email protected]
(work) 215.898.2794
(fax) 215.898.2671