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Welcome to Roswell High School Band
Mr. Mark Adams
Director of Bands
2014-2015 Registration Packet
Roswell High School Bands
Welcome to a part of high school that not all students have the opportunity to
experience. I am Jane Quinn, President of the Roswell High School Band Booster
Association (RHSBBA). Your child’s participation in this distinguished organization
will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience as will your involvement in the
Dear Parents and Students,
Under the direction of Mr. Mark Adams, The Roswell High Band consistently
exceeds a performance standard of excellence while providing each student with
an opportunity for growth. It is our goal that your student feels positive of his or
her participation and sees themselves as an integral contributor to the overall
success of their band program. Every member is important and will make a
difference to the entire band!
Some of the information presented will touch on auditions for class placement,
rehearsals, operational support, camps and competitions. It is common to have
questions beyond these topics, and please consider me your resource for any
details I can provide.
The success of the Roswell High School Band depends on the loyalty, cooperation
and dedication of each and every student and parent member. In turn, I and the
entire RHSBBA pledge to support and guide your band student to exceed any
expectations that our members, school and community hold.
I look forward to meeting with you, and look forward to your participation in the
2014-2015 Roswell High Band.
Jane Quinn
RHSBBA President 2014
[email protected]
Roswell High School Bands
The Bands of Roswell High School
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The Hornet Swarm Marching Band
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Roswell High School Band Booster Association (RHSBBA)
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Parent Operational Payment
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Dues & Operational Payment Schedule
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Parent Participation
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Calendar Overview
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Table of Contents
Roswell High School Bands
The Concert Band meets as a year-long class. Membership consists of students not in symphonic band or
wind ensemble. An audition is not required for this course. The focus is engagement of level II to IV concert
band literature. Performances include 3 to 4 concerts during the school year. The Concert Band may be
selected to participate in the GMEA Performance Evaluation Festival and possible spring trip festival.
Individual achievement is emphasized through participation in All-State Band auditions, All-County Band and
Orchestra Auditions, and Solo & Ensemble Performance Evaluation Festival.
The Symphonic Band meets as a year-long class. Membership is attained by audition only. The focus is
engagement of level IV to V concert band literature. Performances include 3 to 4 concerts during the school
year, participation in the GMEA Performance Evaluation Festival, and possible spring trip festival. Individual
achievement is emphasized through participation in All-State Band auditions, All-County Band and Orchestra
Auditions, and Solo & Ensemble Performance Evaluation Festival.
Wind Ensemble
The Wind Ensemble meets as a year-long class. Membership is attained by audition only. The focus is
engagement of level V to VI concert band literature. Performances include 3 to 4 concerts during the school
year, participation in the GMEA Performance Evaluation Festival and a possible spring trip festival. Individual
achievement is emphasized through participation in All-State Band auditions, All-County Band and Orchestra
auditions, and Solo & Ensemble Performance Evaluation Festival.
The Bands of RHS
Concert Band
Percussion Ensemble
The Percussion Ensemble meets on a year-long basis during the daily band classes. Two days per week,
the percussion students are pulled out of band class o receive more focused and specialized percussion
instruction. This allows the students to enhance their skills and perform percussion ensemble music as a
class group. The Percussion Ensembles will performances include local and regional events. Students who
are percussionists in concert band will be placed in their own percussion class.
Roswell High School Marching Band
The RHS Marching Band: An extracurricular activity that is open to any of the students who are in one of
the daily RHS band classes: Wind Ensemble, Symphonic, or Concert Bands or are enrolled in orchestra or
chorus and meet with the director of bands prior to the beginning of the season. The RHS Marching Band
includes the Fall Color Guard.
The Fall Color Guard
The Fall Color Guard is an extracurricular activity that performs along with the RHS Hornet Marching Band
at football games, parades, community events and competitions. Membership is open to all RHS students.
The season runs from June through mid-November. Auditions for the Fall Color Guard are held in April for
the coming marching season.
Roswell High School Bands
Name: The Hornet Swarm
Marching Band Competitions: 3 competitions, 1 exhibition, and 2 parades per year
all on Saturdays. Mandatory for all Marching Band members.
Marching Band Pre-Camp: Held at RHS July 21st – July 25th 2014. Location TBA.
These rehearsals focus on orientation, marching fundamentals, indoor music rehearsals,
team building and uniform fitting. Mandatory for all Marching Band members.
RHS Marching Band and Color Guard Camp: July 27th – July 31st at Reinhardt
University in Waleska, GA. Mandatory for All RHS Marching Band and Color Guard
members. This off-campus 5-day sleep-away camp is where the students will concentrate
on learning the season's marching show. Since the students will be staying at the camp, the
rehearsals will run from early morning to late night. No organized transportation to
Reinhardt, please make own arrangements
RHS Marching Band Camp payment: $345.00/student due by uniform fitting on June 1st.
Payment in full must be received before marching band camp.
Marching Band Information
Time Commitment: July through mid-November. (Longer if football team goes to
playoffs.) The Hornet Swarm performs at ALL RHS varsity football games, community
parades and events, and marching band competitions.
After School Rehearsals: Mondays from 4:00-5:15
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15 PM until 6:30 PM.
Fridays- football game day, after school rehearsal in the RHS Football Stadium that starts at
4:00 PM.
More details about the RHS Marching Band 2014-2015 will be sent to you via email and/or
your child though school.
Roswell High School Bands
*** All Band Parents & Students are automatically members of the RHSBBA ***
The RHS Band Boosters Association (RHSBBA) is a non-profit volunteer parent
organization that serves the RHS staff and students by providing the financial and
volunteer support needed to maintain a high achieving organization to enhance & enrich
the student’s educational and performance experience.
Roswell High School Bands
What is the Operational Budget?
• The absolute bare essentials; no frills; minimum expenses to
operate a successful/competitive bands program beyond basic
district provisions.
• Developed using a bottoms-up approach, zero-dollar base,
assessing specific program needs.
• Two-Thirds of our expenses are incurred August – November.
• Cash flow is closely managed with payments made on schedule.
RHSBBA Operational Budget and Enrichment Budget
The Operational Budget is funded by YOUR RHSBBA
memberships (your cost and fundraising)
2014-2015 Operating Budget
Clinician Expense
Performance Fees
Support Services
Transportation, Travel, Camp
Grand Total
Total Expense
Roswell High School Bands
• Provides band program enhancement items considered “not
essential” but important to greatly enrich and grow the program
beyond normal operations.
• The Enrichment budget is funded by a percentage of the (your)
fundraising, RHS Band Sponsors, and business contributions.
What is the Enrichment Budget?
Roswell High School Bands
$150.00 which includes:
• Tux/dress rental
• Dry-cleaning
The Operational cost for Marching Band (additional from In-School bands)
Operational Cost $300.00 which includes Marching Band Uniform rental
Additional Costs for uniform and props: (are subject to change)
• Marching Band Camp $345.00 due in June
• Marching band shoes $40.00 (one time purchase unless size change)
• Marching band white gloves
• Marching band “Show” T-shirt (additional one)
• New props for 2014 Show $30.00
• Marching Band Total for 1st Year is about $825.00
Most parents and students are able to pay for Operational Cost and RHS
Band trips through fundraising.
CHARMS Office Assistance is IMPORTANT!
Parent Operational Payment
The Operational cost for In-School Bands
The RHSBBA keeps ALL of your account information on the CHARMS Office
Assistance www.charmsoffice.com . This is different from the RHS Band website.
What is CHARMS?
• It is Cloud-based financial/office system which keeps the RHSBBA’s
• Finances
• Calendar of events
• Forms
• Documents
• You will be sent a login with instructions in May.
• You MUST Register and fill out the information on the CHARMS website!
• Questions? Sonia Morgan at [email protected]
Roswell High School Bands
$ 345
$ 300
Additional Costs for uniforms & props
pay at time of purchase
Band Class
$ 150
$150 due 2/1/2015
**Spring Trip (rate subject to change)
Payment schedule
provided separately
$345 due 6/1/2014
$200 due 7/1/2014
$100 due 11/1/2014
*First 60 families to pay Marching Band dues in full receive a 2014 RHS home Football Games Parking
**All Marching Band, Camp, and Class dues must be paid, in full, before Spring Trip departure. No
Cash or Checks
Make Checks payable to “RHSBBA” unless otherwise instructed
Deposit in green safe located at the entrance of the band room or mail to the address
shown below.
• Note student name and payment purpose in the memo section of the check and/or
on the deposit envelope.
• On-line payments via PayPal Convenience fee applies. See www.roswellband.com
• CHARMS Student Credit Transfer
Email Sonia Morgan @ [email protected]
Important – Cash deposit discrepancies are not the responsibility of the RHSBBA.
Losses are at the risk of the student/parent. Check or Card payments preferred.
Dues & Operational Payment Schedule
Marching Band
Band Camp (includes pre-camp)
*Marching Band
Roswell High School Band Boosters Association
885 Woodstock Road, STE 430-144
Roswell, GA 30075
Roswell High School Bands
To continue our quality band program, it takes all families working together and volunteering
their time and talents.
Volunteer Opportunities for In-School Bands and Marching Band Events
Chaperones: Volunteers are needed to chaperone all marching band football
games and competitions. Duties include assisting at these events based on the needs of the
director and/or chairperson. The chair is responsible for scheduling chaperones, acting as
lead chaperone for all events, and for purchasing snacks as needed.
Home Football Game Visitor Concessions: Sign-up to work shifts at the RHS football
games. You can also sign up to make some treats to sell. Sign-up will be sent out via
All RHS Band Uniforms: Help with the fitting of student up-keep and the overall
appearance of the RHS Marching Band and RHS In-School Band uniforms.
Band Banquet: Volunteers are needed to assist the Banquet Chairs with planning the
annual end of year Band Banquet in May. Committee will work on planning, decorating,
selling tickets, entertainment and the evening events.
Parent Participation/Volunteer
How can YOU help?
Roswell High School Bands
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (April-October)
The RHSBBA operates adult beverage concession stands, condiment stations, and the
volunteer check in/out station during events at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Students
may work the condiment stations and volunteer check in/out. Concession stand volunteers
must be 21 or older. Volunteers earn student credit based on the position worked and on
beverage sales. Volunteers have an opportunity to earn $30-$50 per night worked, on
Join The Band Fundraiser Letter (September)
Students address form letters provided by the RHSBBA to mail to designated friends, family, and
businesses asking for donations. 80% of the donated proceeds are applied to the student’s account
as credit.
Chick-fil-A Calendar Sale (October)
Sell CFA calendars containing monthly CFA product discounts. 80% of profit is applied to student's
account as credit.
Florida Citrus Fruit Sale (October)
Sell cases of citrus fruit delivered directly from select Florida groves. Profits vary. 80% of the profit
is applied to student's account as credit.
Fundraisers designed to benefit the band program directly include
Parent Participation/Fundraising
The RHSBBA provides several fundraising opportunities to our band membership to
supplement their finances when/where needed to help members complete all band related
expenses. We do not have fundraising goals in general. Fundraisers are provided
specifically for members to use when and if they please, based on their personal situation
and preferences. Fundraisers are subject to change. Contact Ellie McGraw with questions
at [email protected]
Football Visitor Concession Stand (August-October)
Volunteers work visitor concessions during RHS home football games. 100% of profits are applied
to the RHS Band Enrichment Fund.
Publix Shopping Cards
Publix donates a percentage of sales to the RHS Band Program. Pick up your Publix shopping card
from a RHSBBA Board member today!
Shop Amazon.com via the link found on the RHS Band website and earn credit for the RHS Band
Roswell High School Bands
RHS Band Web site for all news, events & information. www.roswellband.com
Email news items to [email protected]
RHS Band electronic communications
Facebook & Twitter
CHARMS Calendar
Band Director class announcements/handouts
Emergency / Last minute event change: Text messaging and Facebook
Photo / Video Sharing Web site
Access “Videos / Photos” tab at http://www.roswellband.com
Photo and video contributions can be uploaded
Use your photos/video for the yearend band DVD yearbook
Five (5) primary sources of communications (outbound)
Roswell High School Bands
Uniform Fitting Tuesday
May 27th 10:00 to 2:00 pm
Wednesday May 28th 4:00 TO 8:00
Pool Party Saturday July 19th RAP
Band Pre-Camp (July 21-25)
Band Camp (July 27-July 31)
Alpharetta Old Soldier’s Parade (Aug 2)
Evening Marching Practice (8/4, 8/5 and 8/7)
Marching Band Practice (Aug-Nov; Mon 4-5pm, Tue & Thur 4:15-6:30pm
Marching Band Friday Football Field Exhibitions (Aug-Dec)
Marching Band Field Competitions, Saturdays: Dates to be determined
Roswell Youth Day Parade (Oct 11)
RHS Bands Winter Concert (Dec)
Winter Guard & Indoor Drumline Practice & Competitions (December-March)
Band Pre-Performance Evaluation Concert (Feb)
District V Band Performance Evaluation (Mar)
All State Honor Band and Orchestra (Mar)
Spring Trip to Hawaii (Spring 2015)
Percussion Ensemble Concert (April)
Bands Spring Concert and Senior Solo Recital (May)
Band Awards Banquet (May)
Graduation (May)
Calendar of events Overview