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Transcript Introduction to QUTIC - Queen`s University Belfast

Queens University Trading &
Investment Club
Welcome to the First Meeting
Overview of QUTIC
• QUTIC is a large and active society with the
aim of educating its members on trading and
investing through guest speakers, educational
seminars and competitions.
• QUTIC is eligible for Degree Plus (Route A)
• You will get out what you put in!
• The club will meet most Tuesdays during term
Follow QUTIC…
“facebook QUB Trading & Investment Club”
[email protected]
QUTIC Committee Applications
Organising events to ensure the club provides an educational and
enjoyable experience for all members
Looking after the income and expenditure of the club
Effectively communicating with members and dealing with queries
If interested in any positions, please come and speak to us at the end of
this presentation or e-mail [email protected] by this Friday
The committee should reflect the diversity of the student population
Advisory Committee
Chris Annett
Trading Room
Dr Barry Quinn
Programme Director MSc
Computational Finance
and Trading
Dr Alan Hanna
Lecturer in Finance
Dr Fotis Papailias
Lecturer in Finance
Student Managed
The Queen’s University Student Managed Fund
(QUSMF) gives students the opportunity to be part of
an investment management process. The goal is to
achieve a return at least as high as the benchmark
index which we have chosen to be the FTSE 350 with
dividends reinvested.
If interested, you must apply online as either a financial
analyst or a member of the student committee. The
deadline is this Thursday (9th) midnight.
• Provides a valuable and practical learning experience where
textbook theory becomes tangible and relevant.
• Sharpen a wide range of skills, from communication and
persuasion to delegation and critical evaluation.
• Improve employability in areas such as equity research and
investment banking, and business in general, due to the real
life, practical experience and responsibility gained from
managing a pool of money.
• Interact with industry professionals.
• Something additional to talk about on job application forms
and at interviews.
QUSMF Committee Applications
The student committee consists of:
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – must be an effective
leader of the student committee
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – must be an effective
leader of the finance and accounting function
Chief Investment Officer (CIO) – must be an effective
leader of the investment function
Chief Risk Officer (CRO) – must be an effective leader of
the risk management and compliance function
CFA Research
What is it ?
• The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an equity
research competition among student teams from
the world’s top universities.
• Students write an equity research report on a
publicly traded company, and present their
findings to an expert panel.
• Students are mentored by industry professionals
• Each university can enter one team of 4/5
Schedule and Team commitment
• In 2011, 72% of students participating in the CFA research challenge
spent 50 hours or more researching the subject company
• 26% of students spent 50 hours or more practicing and assembling
their presentations.
• CFA Ireland competition begins in November; the first meeting
being in Dublin where you will be introduced to the selected
• The QUTIC team should be prepared to work as a team over the full
academic year 2014/2015, meeting regularly with each other and
their appointed mentor.
• They will also get the opportunity to speak directly to the
company’s management team.
• The CFA Ireland Final is in April 2015.
How to register your interest
• As we are only allow to enter a team of 4/5 students
those who are interested need to prepare a one page
research analyst style report on a company of their
• This report should provide a defensible argument,
using financial analytics, on your recommendation to
buy/sell/hold this company’s shares.
• Applicants may be required to give a short
presentation (max 5 mins) on their research report.
• Who would be interested in being involved ??
Useful Links for CFA Challenge
• Helpful materials:
• List of past global champions:
st_champions.aspx (note UCC reaching final in 2009).
• FAQ:
• Global schedule:
• Videos of past finalists:
Student Managed Fund
IB Trading Competition
• A semester long trading competition
• Using a leading online trading platform;
Interactive Brokers.
• Each participant will have a virtual account with
$1M in cash + approximately 30% leverage.
• Allowed to invest primarily in US Equities,
although there is access to derivatives and forex
products for the more adventurous virtual
IB Trading Competition
• Participants will compete against each other and all
other financial market participants to achieve a
maximum return over the period.
• There will be real cash prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd based
on time weighted return and a risk adjusted return
• Details on signing up later…
Student Managed Fund
Being a day trader
• Oxyor’s Market Trader is a intraday dealing room
simulator which recreates the intense experience of
being a day trader.
• Simulated scenarios based on real historical trading
days allow students to be a flow trader (both a
market maker and or ‘market taker’).
• Participants have to monitor markets and act on
news and price changes, as well as give two-way
prices and manage risks.
Being a day trader
• During the simulation, the participants
experience the stress, continuous demands,
fast needed action and disappointments of a
typical trading day.
• Participants interact with other market
players, both real and fictive.
• Traded instruments will include:
– Currencies, equities, commodities, bonds
Industry Professional
Hear from the coal-face!
• We have invited a number of experienced
trading and investment professionals to share
their insights with you.
• Gain insight into the practical realities of
trading and investment.
• Excellent opportunity for networking.
• Check out events on the QUTIC website and
facebook page
Initial Events Timetable
Tuesday 14th October – trading competition setup
Wednesday 15th October – successful applicants for the Student Managed
Fund committee will be asked to present a buy, hold or sell recommendation
for a company of their choice and submit a short report.
Tuesday 21st October – Paul McNulty, a Fund Manager for Setanta Asset
Management will be the guest speaker. Paul is a dedicated proponent of the
value investment philosophy. His talk is about assessing the investment
potential of a firm. We need your help (like “Value Investment Institute” on
After that – Join the student committee and help shape the future!