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Faculty/Presenter Disclosure
• Faculty: Joanne Hohenadel, Brenda Merkle, Ashley Taylor
• Relationships with commercial interests:
Grants/Research Support: Nothing to disclose
Speakers Bureau/Honoraria: Nothing to disclose
Consulting Fees: Nothing to disclose
• Brenda Merkle – employee, Plexxus
• Joanne Hohenadel - employee, University Health Network
• Ashley Taylor – employee, University Health Network
Fast Track to Business Transformation:
The Journey of 10 Hospitals
E-Health 2013
May 29, 2013
Presented by:
Brenda Merkle, BASc, CMA
Joanne Hohenadel, BASc, PMP
Ashley Taylor, HBA, CMA
The Project
Success Strategies
Lessons Learned
In Summary and Continuous Improvement
Purpose/Objective of Presentation
• Story of a journey started in 2003 that is a collaboration
among 10 hospitals and Plexxus, their shared service
provider, in the procurement and implementation of a back
office business transformation enabled by SAP
• Share experiences and lessons learned about regional interhospital collaboration
– Overview of the shared services model to gain efficiencies in master
data maintenance, procurement and business reporting and analytics
– The opportunities and challenges of University Health Network (UHN)
being the first of 10 hospitals to go-live
• One of the largest academic health sciences centres
in Canada
• Ranks of the world’s leading providers of exemplary
patient care, innovative research and teaching
• The first of the Plexxus Member Hospitals on SAP
• Largest provider of enterprise-wide
business application software in the world
• 109,000 customers in more than 120 countries
• 12 million users
• A not-for-profit shared services provider for 11
hospitals across the GTA, 10 of which are on SAP
• Expertise in supply chain management, information
technology and business transformation
The Plexxus Membership
Plexxus Business Model
• Plexxus was created to transform the back office of Member
hospitals, reducing cost and improving quality through:
– Group purchasing
– Common and integrated systems
– Leading practices and standardized processes
• Member owned
• Not for profit shared service
• Over $75 million in purchase price savings to date
Scope of Plexxus Services
• Supply Chain Management
Strategic Sourcing
Sourcing and Contract Management
In-Hospital Logistics
Clinical Support
• And Now…Information Technology (Finance, Supply Chain)
– Ongoing Support, Maintenance and Enhancement
– Master Data Governance and Management
Integrated Technology Solution (ITS) Project
• What is ITS?
Major business transformation project
Integrated “single build” SAP-based platform for 10 hospitals and Plexxus
Standardized business processes and leading practices
Delivers significant efficiencies (EDI, e-Requisitioning)
• Scope
– Finance
• general ledger
• accounts payable
• grants and funds management
• fixed assets and capital project management
– Supply chain management
– Data governance and management
• Groundwork laid between 2006 and 2010. And then…
The ITS Project
11 organizations (including Plexxus)
7,000 users
1 Harmonized Chart of Accounts
27 companies (legal entities)
48 plants (site locations)
7 Advisory & Validation Committees
250 interfaces
125,000 material and 42,000 vendor records harmonized
350+ project deliverables
40 training courses
65 Steering Committee meetings
6 go-lives
…In 2 years and 2 months from start to finish and under budget
ITS Project Timeline
All Hospitals and Plexxus participated
in business blueprint and build phases
Individual roll-outs:
2 hospitals every 2 months
or Build
Mar 2010
Sep to Dec 2010
Project Launch
Jan to Aug 2011
Sept to Oct 2011
Nov 2011 to Oct 2012
Project End
ITS Project Governance Model
Plexxus Board
Strategic Management
ITS Committee
ITS Steering
Advisory and
Plexxus Core
3rd Party
Tactical Management
Operational Management
Project Teams
[email protected]
• What is [email protected]?
– Project to deliver ITS to UHN
• Scope
– UHN participation in the
overall governance of the
ITS initiative
– Collaborate with Member
Hospitals on design and decisions related to standardized features
across all hospitals
– Lead UHN implementation
• Business process redesign
• Technical (installation, integration)
• Change management (communication, education and training)
• First of ten Plexxus member hospitals to go-live
[email protected] Governance
[email protected] – Success Strategies
• Strong commitment from senior leadership
• Authority to make decisions
• Support for UHN Finance Subject Matter
Experts to participate in SAP configuration
while maintaining Hospital functions
• Supporting UHN project management and technical teams
• Extensive ITS Advisory and Validation Committee involvement
• Internal communication and engagement (strong communication and change
management strategy, daily huddles, UHN Shared Information Management
Education Department support)
• Took holistic view with decisions on project – not just what was best for UHN
• Only one temporary junior staff person was hired by UHN with the result that
knowledge stayed in the organization and built a very strong team post go live
ITS Project Success Strategies
• Extremely strong Board support
– Signaled importance by establishing ITS Committee of the Plexxus Board
– All scope additions and customizations required Plexxus Board approval
• Clear governance down to the deliverable level
• Adherence to guiding principles
– Single build
– Shared service is a “compromise”
• ‘Tough love’: zero tolerance for slippage, leverage
the power of the Membership
• Repeatable ‘rollout kit’
ITS Project Success Strategies
• Forums for participation, communication, collaboration,
– Advisory and Validation Committees, CEO calls, project sponsor
• Choice of first Hospital to go live
• Interface strategy buffered
dependency on connector systems
• Two independent third party
− Governance and processes
− Budget, benefits, risks
Ongoing ITS Governance Structure
Plexxus Board
Strategic Management
Resources and
ITS Council
Plexxus Senior
Mgmt & ITS
Service Delivery
User Groups
Control Board
Reporting/Finance/Accounts Payable
Purchasing/Logistics/Finance Integration
Tactical Management
Operational Management
Material Governance
Vendor Governance
Reporting Governance
Security Forum
Security and Privacy Advisory Committee
Others TBD
Lessons Learned
• Data: quality
• Data: incremental consolidation
– adding new materials and vendors for each rollout
• Data: governance, change management
– Data S.W.A.T. team, quality check reports
• Importance of complete and accurate material master
especially in critical patient care areas e.g. operating
• Train more, train later
• More business resources on project team
In Summary and Continuous Improvement
• Continue to leverage inter-hospital collaboration and
• 6 key areas of focus for ongoing stabilization are
Data refinement
eRequisitioning ramp up
Enhancing reporting access
Configuration refinement
• Activities that transcend specific stabilization activities are
communications, data quality control and governance
In Summary and Continuous Improvement
• Desired outcome - gain efficiencies in supply chain
management and ability to make more judicious and
informed decisions for our healthcare organizations and
our patients
Improved procurement processes and savings
Elimination of paper purchase requisitions
eRequisitioning adoption
Flexible financial reporting capabilities
Access to timely information for business decisions