Cmt 3321 (Novel Interaction)

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Group members’ names:
Okechukwu Christian Nwajagu
Victor Daniel Essien
Sat Mon Aung
Job Akoji Onuh
Taofik Babatunde Bello
Bhathiya Udayanga Pathirana
We are a group of 6 and task is to produce an interactive game, that will
be educative, fun and engaging, and the user would be able to control
the game with reactivision using Fiducial Symbol..
We started first by creating a blog
That would enable us post ideas, communicate with each member of the
group. It’s was quite helpful to us.
Group meeting
Sucessful first group meeting
March 18, 2011
Group meeting objectives were
Getting to know each other
Sharing Contacts
Discussing objectives and planning ahead
It was scheduled at 3:00 PM and following students were attended
Okechukwu Christian Nwajagu
Victor Daniel Essien
Sat Mon Aung
Job Akoji Onuh
Taofik Babatunde Bello
Bhathiya Udayanga Pathirana
Group meeting outcomes were:
All group members got to know each other and shared contact details.
Made a decision to come up with ideas for implementations and they will be
posted on this blog by each member.
All group members were made aware of the available schedule ahead.
We met our first group meeting objectives and it was successful.
Click to view the ideas
After posting all these ideas,
we attended another meeting on March 25th 2011; in our meeting we
discussed on the ideas, and then came out with one which is the “find the
missing number” posted by (Victor Essien).
But we left the room open for more better and simple ideas from any
of the group members. We are still doing some research on the task.
What’s a Game?
In the German language a game is any activity which is executed only for
pleasure and without conscious purpose.
In this definition every activity that brings pleasure is a game. For example,
Wolfgang Kramer
Posted December, 2000
people dance, play musical instruments, act in plays, and play with dolls and
model trains.
(Wolfgang Kramer Posted December, 2000)
A game always has components and rules.
Components and rules can be combined:
a set of components may be used with different rules.
a set of rules can be used with different components.
What criteria should a game have?
There are criteria which apply to all games and those that apply to the
"games with rules“.
Game rules
The course of the game is never the same - chance
Talking about the idea we picked
as a group: Find the missing
Have a tangible user interface (with interaction through Reactivision- tagged
Objects). Here the user is meant to control the game with the reactivision symbol.
Be a game: The purpose of this game is for the kids to find the missing number
Using the reactivision symbol. The game will be challenge in the sense that the
Kids will be timed. Meaning a particular time will be given to complete the task.
Levels are also involved, once the kid gets it correctly it processed to the next
Fun and engaging: We decided to add some attractive things, that will make
The game more fun and engaging.
Education dimension: This game will help the kid to be good in mathematics.
Age range: 6-10 years
Having a tangible interface
Since we’re making use of reactivision
symbols we need both symbol and
human readable symbol representation.
Game perspective.
 We decided as a group to involve (BODMAS) method in our idea. This
method includes all the mathematical signs.
The kid will use the method to tackle each mathematical problem he/she
B= Brackets.
O= operation.(has to do with square roots etc)
D= Division.
M= Multiplication.
A= Addition.
S= Subtraction.
 Time limitation for each level
 Every time the kid successfully solve the simple mathematical problem
some points will be earned and at each level the number of points will be
 At each level there is a minimum number of point that kid need to
achieve unless kid need to start over that particular level.
Educational Dimension.
Math skills improvement
 Kid getting used to solve math questions
quickly due to the time limitations at each
 The minimum requirements of points at each
level improves the accuracy of kid’s math
Fun and engaging
 Whenever kid solves one mathematical
question and reaches to a new level nice
cartoon characters will be displayed
 Any time the kid fails the question there will
be a ‘wow’ or ‘try again later’ sound and
whenever the kids’ gets it correctly there will
be a ‘well-done’ sound.
Story line:
Once upon a time, there lived a sheep family
in the forest. They had seven kids(7) in
addition with the sheep parent, to form the
family of 9. They had a very wicked enemy
called a tiger. This tiger normally kills their
One day, one of the kids went out to get some
food while suddenly a tiger appeared and
killed him.
Question 1: what’s the total number of
animals living in the forest?
Question 2: How many sheep’s now remains?
Usage of Tangible interface, game
perspective concept and educational
perspective creates a perfect game for