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Robert Koch
He was born on 11th December 1843.
His birthplace is in Clausthal-Zellenfeld
Robert Koch died on 27th May 1910 in
Baden Baden.
Robert Koch‘s life
Robert Koch finished school in 1861.
In 1862 he started to study medicine and
He worked as a doctor in Hamburg,
Langenhagen, Niemegk and Rackwitz.
He was a doctor in the German - French
War from 1870 to 1871.
Robert Koch
He researched
Anthrax bacteria
and discovered the
In 1891 he worked in the Institute for
Infectious Diseases in Berlin.
There he searched for the vaccination
against Tuberculosis.
He founded a fund against Tuberculosis
From 1896 to 1907 he travelled around
the world for research, particularly
tropical countries. There he discovered
the virus of Rinderpest, Testse disease in
Afrika, Bubonic plague in Indian and
Malarya in Java.
Robert Koch was awarded the Nobel
Prize in Medicine and Physiology.
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