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Transcript DME HIMSS Presentation

How are you Writing for Durable
Medical Equipment
What Tools are we providing to
help Physicians and their Practices
 Paperwork can take as much as third of a Physicians
 We have Automated prescriptions, labs, and charting but
what have we done with Durable Medical Equipment
 Diabetes alone accounts for over 6 million Medicare CMN’s
per year .
 What tools have we provided our Physician’s?
Current Tools
The only tool being offered to
Physicians is to manually fill out
and Fax these orders.
DMEhub Will let Physicians Order
DME directly from their EHR
 Physicians can select the Durable Medical Equipment they want
to order for their patient
 DMEhub will provide the needed forms and Auto-Populate the
patient’s demographic information, Insurance information, and
Physician information.
 DMEhub’s built in rules engine will ensure that the physician can
fill out the form completely the first time. Eliminating repeated
faxes requesting addition info.
 The physician can electronically sign the form and select a
supplier to send the order electronically.
DMEhub adds Security
 DMEhub exceeds all HIPAA security standards.
 All paperwork is electronically signed via Adobe EchoSign,
the leader in e-signature technology.
 All documents are stored for 7 years and can be accessed by
the Phycian’s office at any time.
 No more PHI laying on fax machines for any eyes to see.
Select DMEhub in Allscripts
DMEhub Order Information
DMEhub - Digitally Sign CMN
Changes to the DME Market
 Medicare has just Passed the second round of Competitive
 Go live date of July 1.
 National Mail Order diabetes suppliers were cut from over 500
suppliers to only 15 suppliers effective July 1.
 Reimbursement rates cut on average 41% on Oxygen, CPAP,
Wheelchairs, Diabetes Supplies, and more.
What does this mean for
 Increased Pressure from suppliers in regards to paperwork.
 As of July 1, all Diabetes Mail Order patients will have to get new
paperwork if they are not currently with a supplier that won a
 No more orders shipped before paperwork and supporting
documentation is received.
 Patients will have to wait longer on their supplies.
Now Is the Time to add DMEhub
for all Practices
 With all the changes and demands on a Physcician’s time, why not add
a program that can save them time and money everyday?
 No more paper, faxing or time wasted on helping patients get the
medical equipment and supplies they need. One simple and secure
process that captures all the pertinent patient data from a physician’s
EMR to populate an electronic form (eCMN – Certificate of Medical
Necessity) that is digitally signed and submitted to a supplier
completing the process in one step. HIPAA complaint, DMEhub™
works directly within a physician’s EMR platform (such as Allscripts) or
via the web and mobile devices (such as iPhone, Android and