Introduction to Comcare*s Customer Information System

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Transcript Introduction to Comcare*s Customer Information System

Introduction to Comcare’s
Customer Information System
Comcare’s Customer Information System, CIS, is
provided to customers free of charge, delivering
injury-management and claims information
through a secure website.
Information provided through the CIS can be used to
improve the measurement and monitoring of an agency’s
injury management and claims performance;
Whole of agency data on claims, return to work activity,
mechanisms of incident, cost of claims and customer
Customer Data Reports, providing a complete record of all
claims for an agency
Individual claim information to assist case management
Who can access CIS?
Access to the CIS is authorised by a dedicated CIS Agency
Administrator, who approves the access request, and determines the
appropriate level of access:
Summary access provides access to management level data,
including trend and indicator report. No access to claim level data.
Claim detail access allows access to the details of the individual
claims being reported on. Includes access to View Claim function.
Financial level access is primarily for staff in Finance areas an
includes access to remittance reports
CIS Administrator Access grants the ability to authorise and change
other CIS user’s access within the agency.
Using CIS
Log on to CIS using the User Name and Password provided to
you by Comcare.
Select an application, and use the Execute button to launch.
To enter the reporting function, select Generate Report.
Generate Report
Choose the group or Customer from Step 1 – Choose group
Generate Report
Step 2. Choose Report will display the available report categories.
Expand one of the folders to display the list of reports.
Generate Report
Now select a report – this may activate the Filter button. The Filter
button can be used to specify date periods and other report settings.
Generate Report
All done with filters? Use Generate to run the report, or for some of our
larger customer data reports, use the Export button.
Now that the report is Generated, you can;
View the report on screen
Export the report to a separate file for future use. CIS
allows you to save each report to a file – the majority are
available in .rtf, .pdf, and .csv.
Choose another report to run – the current report will stay
open on the screen, and the next report will be displayed on
a new tab.
Add the report to your “Favourites” for ease of reference.
This will add a Favourites folder to Step 2 – choose report.
Go back to the application menu to access the View Claim
View Claim
First, you will need to search for a claim. You can search by Claim
Number or Surname. Use the Search button to look up the claim.
View Claim
Select the Claim from the search results, and use the Next button to
see the claim details.
View Claim
You can view a range of information about the claim, including
incapacity determinations.
Managing User Preferences
Within CIS, you can also manage your account password, your secret
questions and answers, and your favourite reports.
Once you have logged into CIS, you will find a link to Preferences in the
top right hand corner of the screen. Use this link to launch the
Preferences application.
Your password will expire after 90 days. You can change your
password at any time using the Password function, or CIS will prompt
you to change it when it expires.
As an additional security measure, your Security Questions and
Answers are used when you request an online password reset. Only
you have access to this information.
For easy access to the reports you use the most, you can add them to
your Favourites. A Favourites folder will appear on the main report
generation screen.
Requesting a password reset online
After you have set up your Security Questions and Answers, you will be
able to request a password online from the main Logon screen. Use
the Forgotten/Expired Password? link – this will take you to the
Reset Password screen.
Requesting a password reset online
Enter your User Name, and then select one of the Security Questions
and provide an Answer. Use the Reset button, and a new password
will be sent to your nominated email account.
Where can I get more information about CIS?
A range of information about the CIS is available on the
Comcare website, This includes:
• CIS Help (also via CIS itself)
• The Guide to Understanding Customer Reports
• A range of supporting documentation, quick
reference sheets, and our CIS FAQ.
• Timing of case estimates
• CIS related forms and guidance
What if I still need more help?
Comcare provides a dedicated helpdesk for CIS. We
can help you with:
• Password resets and managing your access
• Setting up new users
• Advice on using CIS and running reports
• Managing Customer records, Case Managers, and
Cost Centres for your agency.
Contact the
CIS Helpdesk
By phone on: 1300 366 979
By email: [email protected]
Address: PO Box 9905, Canberra 2601