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Transcript MCA-Modified

School Assessment Coordinator Training
Spring 2014
Online Assessments
MCA Math grades 3-8
MCA-Modified Math
MCA-Modified Reading
MCA Science
MCA Science with accommodations
MTAS data entry
MCA some paper accommodations data entry
New for 2013–2014
• Spring 2014 Title pages appear at the beginning of each reading
passage on the Reading MCA.
• 2013-2014 fewer reading passages and more test items per passage
to answer.
• Spring 2014 is the last year for Reading and Mathematics MCAModified.
SAC Responsibilities
School Assessment Coordinators are responsible for:
• uploading the Secure Browser on student testing computers,
• scheduling/organizing all tests,
• providing access to AIR and training the Test Monitors & Data Entry staff,
• running the diagnostic tool on a computer in the testing lab, if not done
during the OLPA window.
Monitors and/or SACs are responsible for:
• starting the tests,
• approving the students taking the online tests, and
• actively monitoring students during the test.
Information Technology is responsible for the hardware & software that will
be used for online assessments **Create an online testing ticket** if you
have technology problems.
Online Test Security Issues
• Nondisclosure Agreements
Everyone with secure access to AIR must complete the
online nondisclosure form in TIDE.
Test Monitors & data entry personnel must accept the
agreement in TIDE or they will not be able to monitor
tests or enter student responses.
Everyone with access to the test items but who does not
have secure access to AIR needs to sign a paper
version of the Nondisclosure Agreement.
Required: one signed nondisclosure agreement per
American Institutes for Research
AIR Secure Browser - - New 6.0
Must be installed on all student computers.
To install A.I.R. Secure Browser icon, login to each
student computer with:
Username: air
Password: air
Wait…then look for the icon on the student desktop.
This could take a few minutes (5-10).
SAC Online Check List
___ Install the new secure browser on the student computers if needed.
___Run System Diagnostics from one student login screen within the secure
browser - one computer, one time, if needed.
___Know your username (email address) and password.
___Create user accounts for monitors & data entry personnel.
___SAC, monitors & data entry personnel MUST complete the online Non-Disclosure
___Create class lists with student names and MARSS numbers from AIR TIDE or
School Assessment Coordinator
(SAC) Meeting February 11 & 13, 2014
• Online MCA Modified (MCA-M) Reading and Math
• MATS Reading, Math and Science
• Online MCA Science
• Paper/Pencil MCA Reading
Online MCA-Modified (MCA-M)
Reading & Math Test Window
• March 17 – May 9
• Grades 5 – 8
• Included in the participation and proficiency
calculations for NCLB
MCA-Modified (MCA-M) Reading
& Math Tests, cont.
• For some IEP students in grades 5-8, who don't qualify
for the MTAS but meet the MCA-M criteria developed by
Does Not Meet standard on MCAs in the subject for
two previous consecutive years is one requirement.
• Given online and/or with paper accommodations.
• IEPs need to document the use of these tests and
MCA-Modified (MCA-M) Reading
& Math Tests, cont.
• Math scripts, large print & Braille are available
for the MCA-M.
• Once a student takes a modified test, they may
continue taking modified tests regardless of their
previous MCA-M result.
MTAS Reading, Math and Science
Test Window
• March 17 – May 9
• Learning Characteristics Inventory (LCI) and
assessment results must be entered into the AIR
Data Entry Interface by school staff.
• Reading, math & science are included in the
participation calculations for NCLB.
• Reading & math results are included in the
proficiency calculations for NCLB.
Online MCA Science Test Window
• March 17 – April 10
• 95% participation required for NCLB
• Grades 5 & 8
Accommodations and Options for
All Assessments
ALL students
• Accommodated Text-to-Speech
• MCA-math paper scripts must use
• Accommodated Textto-Speech
• Paper MCA-math
scripts must use
paper tests*
• Text-to-Speech
• Small group
• See Procedures
paper tests*
Mod Math & Science scripts are
used at the computer
12-pt paper tests*
Large print paper books must use
paper tests*
Hand-held calculator must use
paper tests for MCA-math*
Other IEP/504 required
See Procedures Manual, pg 90
* responses must be entered into the Date Entry Interface in AIR
Manual, pg 95
Accommodated and Regular
Text-to-Speech Online Options
ALL students have the Text-to-Speech (TTS) option
IEP/504 & ELL students may use Accommodated Text-toSpeech (ATTS) if required in their plans
• Chart title, X & Y axis titles are read to the student, not
numbers or formulas
• Students record in AIR must be set to ATTS before the
student is approved for testing
• Send names of students who need ATTS to your DAC
or…….. Complete it yourself in TIDE Student Information
or just before approval to test!
 The ATTS is already turned on for most students who have it
in their IEP!
Large Print Test Books, 12 pt Paper
Tests, Scripts, Braille and MTAS
• Student responses must be entered into the AIR Data
Entry Interface (DEI) for all tests or accommodations
that require a paper/pencil test or accommodation
MTAS Learner Characteristics Inventory and test
responses must be entered into DEI
Responses from students using paper test books
(12 pt or large print), scripts, & Braille must be
entered into DEI
Manual for DEI is posted on AIR General
Resources and REAs Test Coordination web site
Precode Files Loaded to AIR
• MARSS student data is first uploaded to AIR on January 24th
• Updates from CAMPUS to MARSS to AIR will occur
frequently during the test windows
• Accommodations and test type (i.e. MCA, MCA-M, MTAS,
scripts) are made available for each student after information
is updated overnight to AIR
• Notify your DAC ASAP if you have any changes in student
test types or accommodations
• Most changes will be available overnight
Training Online Test Monitors
• Determine Test Monitor Tasks
Turn on student computers & login using air as username and
Click on
student's desktop?
Login students using MARSS # and first name as it appears on
Prepare before students enter the lab
• Test Session Monitoring
Starting a session
Approving students to begin their tests
Adding Accommodated Text-to-Speech to some students before
approval to begin the test
• Review Test Monitor Directions
Training Test Monitors, cont.
Test Session Security
• Provide student MARSS numbers and first
name as it is on CAMPUS.
MARSS numbers are secure information and
must be collected and shredded.
Maintain test security during entire test
Online Test Security Issues
• Nondisclosure Agreements
Everyone with secure access to AIR must complete the
online nondisclosure form in TIDE.
Test Monitors & data entry personnel must accept the
agreement in TIDE or they will not be able to monitor
tests or enter student responses.
Everyone with access to the test items but who does not
have secure access to AIR needs to sign a paper
version of the Nondisclosure Agreement.
Required: one signed nondisclosure agreement per
Test Monitor Directions
All Test Monitor Directions are available on the
Title 1 Test Monitor Directions page in AIR.
Four-page document containing instructions for Test
Monitors and script to be read aloud to students
Online Test Monitor Directions presentation that is
projected for students
Instructions for Test Monitors document contains
instructions for Test Monitors
for Online Tests
Multi-page document containing instructions for Test
Monitors and test-specific script that is read aloud to
Computer Glitches & Restarts
If a student is kicked off the system:
• Browser shuts down after 20 minutes of inactivity.
• Student simply logs back in with current session ID.
If SAC or Monitor session is stopped or logged off:
• SAC/Monitor starts a new session and students
log back in using the new session code.
• The test will pick up where student left off.
• The student's test and responses are linked to their
MARSS number, not to the session code.
Online Irregularities Examples
Likely Outcome
Student started or completed
an assessment for the wrong
grade or student started or
completed wrong assessment
because of Test Monitor
misadministration (e.g., MCA
instead of MCA-Modified).
DAC invalidates wrong test in TIDE.
District changes grade in MARSS
or test assignment in Test WES.
The new test eligibility is sent to
AIR and the student can test once
correct information appears in
Student uses a handheld
calculator in conjunction with
the online Math OLPA or
DAC invalidates the test in TIDE.
Online Irregularities Examples,
Student was kicked out of
the test because of
technical difficulties and
cannot go back and review
previously completed
Student starts testing on
form that doesn’t match
script (Math MCA-Modified
and Science MCA only).
Likely Outcome
Student begins where he or she left off
without review of previously completed
For Math MCA-Modified and Science
MCA, options for the district:
• Student finishes without script.
Accommodated text-to-speech can
be used. The Test Monitor cannot
read the items from the screen.
• Student does not complete test. DAC
invalidates test in TIDE.
Grades 3-8 Valid Score Rules
• MCA and MCA-Modified
For all grades subjects, and administration
• Students must respond to 90 percent of the
total number of items in the assessment to
receive a valid score.
• Students responding to six or more items but
fewer than 90% receive a NC score code.
• Students responding to fewer than six items
receive a NA score code.
Paper/Pencil MCA READING
MCA Reading Test Window
for Grades 3-8
Apr 15 – May 2
SPPS MCA-Reading Testing
Not Following the Schedule is a Breach of Security
Tuesday, April 15
Wednesday. April 16
Thursday, April 17
Tuesday, April 22
Grade and Test
3-8 Reading MCA
Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Minutes per
(student work
Minutes per
(total test
Total Test
30-45 minutes
45-60 minutes
3-4 hours
Minnesota Department of Education
Estimated Testing Time
• One segment per day
• Students must be allowed extra time as long as
they are making progress
• Schools must have at least 95% participation on
all MCAs in all subgroups to make AYP/MMR
• State accountability window is April 14-25
Important Information for 2014
• MTAS test materials will be delivered on March 4 or 11.
• MCA paper test materials will be delivered on March 18.
• For New-to-Country students, a MCA reading answer
document with the NTC bubble filled in must be returned
for processing whether or not the student attempts the
Receiving MCA Materials
• Before you open the boxes…
make sure they all belong at your school,
 verify you have the correct number of boxes,
 open the white coordinator box first,
 verify you received everything on the packing list and
 keep boxes to use when returning materials.
• Secure materials must be kept in a locked
location when not in use.
Receiving MCA Materials, cont.
• Secure test materials include......
Anything that contains a test item is a secure item
• Regular & Modified test books
• Grade 3 test/answer books
• Math CDs
• Math scripts
• Large print test books
• Braille test books
Receiving MCA Materials, cont.
• Non-secure test materials
SAC/DAC Manuals and monitor directions
 Grade 4-8 answer documents
 School/Grade Header Sheets
 Red dots for grades 4-8 test books
 Blue striped district/school labels
• Use the school packing list from the white box to
inventory your materials. Contact Robin
immediately if anything is missing or if you need
additional materials.
Returning MCA Materials
• Apply one colored DRC label and one white
UPS label to every box being returned
Answer Documents are returned separately from
secure materials
Paper Bands are used to help organize materials
DRC colored labels
• Turquoise color label answer document boxes OR
• Rose color label for secure materials boxes
K2 white barcoded labels
• One on every box
Answer Document Problems
• New students without pre-ID answer docs
First name, last name
• Date of Birth
• Gender
• MARSS number (State ID on CAMPUS)
• School Number + blank space + CIF [local student
i.e. 512 123456
• Blue-stripped district/school labels for hand bubbled-in
answer documents
Answer Document Problems, cont.
• Wrong grade or wrong MARSS # on Pre-ID answer doc or
• MUST complete a new answer document
First name, last name
Date of Birth and Gender
MARSS number (13 digit State ID on
• School Number + blank space + CIF (local
student ID) i.e. 512 123456
• Blue-stripped district/school labels for hand bubbled-in
answer documents
Answer Document Problems, cont.
• Wrong birth date, gender, name
Use the answer document.
Verify that the correct information is in
Correction will be made during the
verification process.
Paper/pencil Answer Documents
Online codes and demographics info.
• Test Codes
ABS = absent
INV = invalidates test, student refusal
ME = medical excuse with medical verification
REF = parent refusal
• Accommodation Codes MUST be filled in for:
Responding to the tests
CA = computer assistive technology
SC = used a scribe during the test (requires a TAR)
Other Answer Document Grids
• Accommodation Codes may need to be filled in for:
Presentation of the tests
18 or 24 = large print test books
BR = Braille test books
MC = math CD ME, INV, REFs, NTC for online
MS = math script read to student
OA = other accommodation
TD = translated directions (requires TAR)
• Complete New-to-Country (NTC) Bubble-in if needed.
Online accommodations may be entered in the student record in
AIR. Send ME, INV, REFs, NTC to Robin Lane, REA at
360 Colborne.
Student ‘FLAGS’ 
• To use test accommodations students must have
“Flags” on CAMPUS to denote....
Special Education/504 Plan Students
• May use accommodations if documented in their IEP.
English Language Learners – hover over the flag!
• May use some specific accommodations as listed in
the MDE Procedures Manual beginning on page 97.
• Accommodations do not change the rigor of the
Special Education/504 Plan
• All Special Ed students must take the MCAs, MCA-Ms or
the Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS)- no one
is exempt from testing.
Only students who meet specific criteria may take the
The use of the MCA-M or MTAS must be documented in
the student’s IEP.
Most Special Ed students will take the MCA or MCA-Ms.
All accommodations must be documented in the
student’s IEP.
Special Education Students
• Special Ed students may have accommodations
as documented in their IEPs. They may
• have the math test read to them using the math
• use a large print test book and answer
• use computer assistive technology,
• use ‘other accommodations’ as documented in
their IEP.
Immersion Emergent
Bilingual Learners
• All ELL students in appropriate grades must take the
math and science tests.
• Most ELL students in appropriate grades must take the
reading test. (see next slide)
• ELL students may have the math script read to them.
• If you need a script, send student name and MARSS#
to your DAC, Robin Lane at [email protected]
Immersion Emergent Bilingual
Learners, cont.
• New-to-Country (NTC) ELL students
are students who have been in the USA for less
than 12 months on the first day of the test window
do not have to take the MCA reading.
Testing Office/ELL Dept. will develop a NTC list for
you closer to the test window.
Reading answer documents for these students must
be sent to DRC with the New-to-Country bubble filled
Test Security for Paper & Online
• Verify you received all of the materials on your
packing list.
When you open the shrink-wrapped packages,
verify you received the listed security numbers
within the package.
• Secure materials must be kept in a locked area
in the school at all times when not in use.
Test Security, cont.
• Track each paper secure item.
for Reading and one for Math)
• tracks test books from coordinator to monitor.
reading and one for math)
• tracks test books from monitor to student.
• The monitor must sign at the bottom of these
• Excel file with pre-coded students available.
Email Robin Lane @ [email protected] to
request this file.
Test Security & Training
• You must
hold a training meeting for your monitors,
have them sign-in to prove they attended the
allow time for monitors to read the non-disclosure
have them sign one Non-Disclosure Agreement
per school year, and
collect the Non-Disclosure Agreements and file.
Test Security & Training
Monitors, cont.
• Topics to cover during your training meeting
Monitors must be impartial observers (cold
hearted?) during the test administration
Have monitors call me with any questions they
may have about test items
• reproducing or paraphrasing an item in an email or
in writing is a MAJOR breach in security
• discussing items with other teachers is a MAJOR
breach in security
Test Security & Training Monitors, cont.
Pencils, calculators, dictionaries, etc.
• Pencils - #2 only, mechanical pencils or pens may NOT be
used - schools provide or students may use their own.
• Calculators - schools provide or students may use their
own. Students may not share calculators. QWERTY
calculators, cell phones, PDAs or translation devices may
not be used. (See page 185 in the 2013-2014 Procedures
Manual for specifics.)
• Note: Grade level monitor directions indicate on which
segments of the math test calculators are allowed.
• Dictionaries, thesauruses and other reference materials –
are not allowed.
Test Security & Training Monitors, cont.
Materials Not Allowed During Testing
 All instructional posters and graphics in the
classroom or on a student’s desk that are related to
the subject being tested must be covered or
removed during the administration of a test
assessing the subject.
 If the materials are related in any way to the
subjects being tested, they must be covered or
Test Security & Training Monitors,
Reporting Administration Issues
• all invalidations of a student’s test must be documented on
the TAR
the name of the person transcribing an answer book and
why, i.e. (student’s name) responded orally because of
broken arm, (monitor’s name) transcribed
student moved to the next segment ahead of the class
student used a calculator in a non-calculator segment
online testing issues
send copy of TAR to Robin Lane REA, at 360 Colborne.
Test Administration Report (TAR)
Test Security & Training Monitors,
Decide on Procedures for Special Circumstances
• Lavatory use or illness during testing – collect test
materials from student before s/he leaves the room.
• What to do when students finish the test
Remain seated, read a book or leave the classroom?
• Students who need extra time to complete the segment
or test
 Send student to a different location? Keeping track
of secure materials.
Send tracking paperwork & Non-disclosure
Agreements to the Testing Office
• Send paperwork to the REA, at 360 Colborne St.
Copy of Monitor Training Sign-in Sheet.
• Non-Disclosure Agreements-one for every person that
had access to tests.
• One non-disclosure agreement per person per year.
• School Security Checklists, signed.
• From the SAC to the Monitor.
• Classroom Security Checklists, signed.
• From the Monitor to the Student
• Copy of Test Administration Reports(TAR), if needed.
Returning Materials for Processing
• Contact UPS at least 48 hours before you want
your materials to be picked up.
• 1-866-857-1501
• Verify the pick-up address or it defaults to the
REA, 360 Colborne address.
Returning Materials for
Processing, cont.
• All paper answer documents must leave your
building before May 7.
• All secure non-scorable materials from paper
administrations must leave your building before
May 14.
• All secure accommodations must leave your
building before May 23.
Web Addresses
• Minnesota Assessments Portal
SAC ‘Gateway’ Site to all assessment tasks
using AIR
• REA Test Coordinator Site
Contact Information
Robin Lane
District-wide Testing Coordinator (DAC)
Research, Evaluation and Assessment
360 Colborne Street
[email protected]
651-767-8257 – Office
651-335-3594 – Cell
SPPS Test Coordinator Web Site