List of Sonic`s different forms and super forms

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Transcript List of Sonic`s different forms and super forms

Some of Sonic and Mario
Characters' different forms
and super forms
Solar sonic
Super sonic
• Sonic’s main super form
• Every knows who super sonic is even people
who don’t play sonic games thanks to Super
Mario Bros Z
Ultra sonic
• Sonic’s fastest form and least used form, last
use: a long time ago; next use: never
Hyper sonic
• Only form of sonic able to change color while
moving and breathe under water
Eco sonic
Polar sonic
Scourge the hedgehog
• Anti-Mobius version of sonic
• Oronliy blue but later green due to contact
with the master emerald
• Scars on chest from battle with knuckles’ dad
for the master emerald
Super Scourge
Sonic the werehog
• A version of sonic that appeared in sonic
unleashed and seen only at night
Chaos knuckles
Titan Tails
Super tails
Perfect chaos
• Chaos’ final form and strongest form
• Able to destroy a whole area as big as the
• Defeated by super sonic in sonic adventure
Mecha sonic
• The powered up form of metal sonic
• Formed when metal sonic merged with other
forms of robot Sonics
• Last seen in Super Mario Bros Z
Super shadow
Hyper shadic
• Hyper sonic and hyper shadow merged to
form this being
• This form drained all the power from hyper
prefect nazo and then killed nazo
Fire Sonic
• A form of sonic discovered after Mario and
Sonic‘s attack on boszer’s flagship: the omega
doom ship
• Obtained when sonic abored the power of a
fire flower
Starman sonic
Shadow the hedgehog
• The ulatment life form in that he can’t die of
old age or disease
• Currage age: around 50 to 55
• Shadow was made by gerda robotitit:
eggman’s grandfather
Perfect Nazo
• The second form of nazo
• Formed when the energy from the chaos
emeralds entered his body
• Even super sonic and shadow were no match
for this being
Sliver the hedgehog
A hedgehog from over 200 years in the future
Powers of photokythis
Tricked by mephils into trying to kill sonic
It looks like he wants to save the future from
being destroyed
Mephils the hedgehog
• Basically he one half of a god the other half
being Iblis
• Strangely he would combine with Iblis but
super sonic, shadow, and sliver would defeat
him but it turned out that whole thing was in
a time paradox
Super Amy Rose
Fire Mario
• Mario’s fire form
• Mario hits this form when he gets a fire flower
Cape Mario
Raccoon Mario
Bee Mario
Boo Mario
• Gotten by getting a boo’s sheet
• Allows Mario to pass though walls
Tankooki Mario
Dr. Eggman
Neo Metal Sonic
• Well that’s as much as I could find in terms
with the number of sonic and Mario forms
and other forms from the sonic and Mario
• There are more sonic and Mario character
super forms to find but I showed the best of
best and the cool of the cool in terms of