The Odyssey Book 12 - Mr. Deleeuw`s English 1

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Transcript The Odyssey Book 12 - Mr. Deleeuw`s English 1

Book 12
Sea Pearls and Defeat
Date ???
Ghost of mother
The Odyssey Book 12
Tells Odysseus that he and his men must practice
restraint a
and control or they are doomed.
Tells “O” what he must do to go home.
Died of grief over Odysseus not coming home.
Gives “O” advice about what he should do on his way
Describes to Odysseus every conflict he will encounter
Date ???
The Odyssey Book 12
Odysseus V. The
The Sirens will sing and if Odysseus hears the singing,
he will crash the boat into the rocks. The Sirens will
then eat him.
Circe tells Odysseus to tie himself down and listen if
he must.
Odysseus V The Two
Paths Home
First Way: Drifting Rocks and no one is able to pass
through this, not even a bird could get through it.
Second Way: Scylla and Charybdis – A difficult way
to go but you will survive.
The Sirens
Date ???
“O” V. Scylla and
“O” V. Circe
The Odyssey Book 12
A twelve tentacle legged, six headed monster with 3
rows of fangs , that will definitely eat some of his men.
On the opposite side of the path, acts something like a
Circe tells Odysseus that although he will lose six men
to Scylla, if he tries to go towards Charybdis he will lose
all of his men.
Odysseus doesn’t want to lose any of his men and tells
Circe to only tell him how he can accomplish this
Circe tells him to “Yield to the immortal Gods!”
Basically, there is nothing you can do
Date ???
The Odyssey Book 12
Tells Odysseus he can’t kill Scylla because she is
eternal evil itself- horror pain and chaos
Just run!
“O” V. Helios’
The Island of Helios the Sun God
7 flocks of lamb, with fifty lambs in each flock
If Odysseus controls himself and his men, he will
survive and make it home.
If they eat or kill any of them, they are dead
Date ???
The Odyssey Book 12
Odysseus V. The
“O” puts beeswax into his men’s ears so that they will
not hear the song of the Sirens.
He has the men tie him to the mast.
When he hears the song, he begs the men to untie him,
but they cannot hear him.
Heroism of
Curiosity and Quest
for Knowledge
O’s Men Internal
Of course Odysseus listens to the song of the Sirens.
However he is cautious and prepares himself this time.
When Odysseus’ men hear the rough waters ahead,
they panic and stop rowing.
Odysseus encourages them to have heart.
If they stop rowing, they will all die.
Date ???
The Odyssey Book 12
Odysseus V. His
men’s Fear
-Tells his men that they have been in danger before
- Reminds them that he has gotten them through it
because he kept his nerve.
- Gives orders to row on and this will pass and we will
talk about it later.
- Does not tell his men about Scylla and Charybdis
because there was nothing they could do anyways to
avoid it, and it would only cause them to panic.
Date ???
The Odyssey Book 12
Odysseus V. Scylla and
-His men row on until they see Charybdis begin
to erupt
-First Charybdis bubbles and explodes: Like a
-Then Charybdis sucks the water back down:
Like a whirlpool.
Epic Simile
-Scylla strikes and takes six of Odysseus’ best
-As the men die they cry out Odysseus’
name while being eaten.
-Odysseus compares Scylla to a man fishing off a
rock and ripping the hooked fish out of the
Date ???
The Odyssey Book 12
Odysseus Internal
-Feels guilty for the deaths of these men, but there
was nothing he could do.
-Says it is the most he suffers on the journey.
Making the Tough
Decisions and being
-Leaders and Heroes have to be able to make the
hard decisions.
-There’s never been a war where no one was killed.
-The heroes job is to choose and take responsibility
when things do not go as planned.
Date ???
The Odyssey Book 12
Odysseus V. His men
Tries to keep his men from landing on Thrinacia
His men refuse
Tries to tell them not to eat the cattle there
His men refuse to listen
Helios V. Zeus
- The God Helios is angry because Odysseus’ men
eat his cattle.
- Refuses to sun until payment is made.
-As payment, Zeus sinks Odysseus’ ship and all the
men die, except Odysseus.
-Ogygia: Calypso’s island
-Keeps Odysseus on her island for 7 years.
Yeah, but I’m a
Supermodel. Soooooo…
All of my
men are
dead. Boo