4 Year Graduation Guarantee

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Transcript 4 Year Graduation Guarantee

Discussion: Degree in Four
Developing a Four-Year Graduation
Sukhwant Jhaj
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Success
Four Year Graduation Guarantee
• If a student participates in this program,
maintains eligibility, and cannot
graduate in four years because a required
class is unavailable, PSU will approve a
substitute course, waive the requirement,
or pay the tuition.
• Suggest implementation for fall 2013
Why Now?
• Four year graduation rate below 10%
(Average of 2001 to 2007 cohort)
• Focus on student success
• Intense competition for students
• Four year Degree Map developed by all
undergraduate programs
• Partnership between student and PSU
• Student responsibility: Eligibility, major
declaration, degree map, meet with
advisor, academic performance
• University responsibility: matriculate to
major, access to coursework and support
by advisors
Demonstrate institutional commitment
Change perception
Develop community
Encourage degree completion
Change institutional practices
Improve planning
• University of Minnesota
Four year graduation plan
• University at Buffalo
Finish in Four
Next Steps
Stakeholders agreement and/or input:
Colleges/schools/departments, ALT, faculty
• Departments
• Agree to participate
• Departments reviews degree maps, course
offerings, advising plan for completion in four
• Students admitted to degree programs as they
begin their education at PSU
• Establish project steering group
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