Transcript KCUMB 1

Sigma Sigma Phi
Delta Chapter
General Information
• KCUMB was founded in 1916 as the
Kansas City College of Osteopathy and
• Located in Downtown Kansas City
• Total medical school enrollment: 971
Delta Chapter
• There are currently 144 members of
the Delta Chapter
• Class of 2013: 57
• Class of 2014: 58
• Class of 2015: 29
• 55 of these members
were inducted this past spring
Delta Chapter Executive Board
Chapter Advisor
Dr. Rance McClain, D.O.
2012-2013 Executive Officers
Mark Braswell
Vice-President Secretary
Rachel Herdes Steven Richmond Alyson Kracke
Plans for Future Events
• Blood Drives
– We will hold 4 blood drives this year.
Our partnerships are with the
Community Blood Center of Greater
Kansas City and the American Red
Plans for Future Events
• Down Syndrome Guild Society of KC
-We thoroughly enjoy serving Down Syndrome
children and their families. Future Events include a
Walk Relay, Easter Party, and a Prom Party.
Plans for Future Events
• Gross Anatomy Mock Practical
-As part of the chapter’s
scholarship component, we will
provide Gross Anatomy mock
practicals via PowerPoint for 1st
year medical students.
Plans for Future Events
• Osteopathic Medicine Presentation
-We will partner with a local
college honor society to promote
Osteopathic Medicine. Topics
include History of Osteopathic
Profession, Getting into D.O.
School, and an OMT
Plans for Future Events
• Speaker
• OMS III/IV Board Panel
– Board Examinations Overview
• Many students have concerns and
questions about board examinations
• What should students do to begin
their board preparations?
• What are beneficial board
Plans for Future Events
• Fundraising
-Dr. Garcia T-shirt sale
-50% of proceeds will be
donated to a non-profit
organization of Dr. Garcia’s
• Jan Oliveri Scholarship
– Given to a first year that has gone
above and beyond the call of duty in
community service, organizational
involvement and leadership, as well as
• Jeremy Bickling Scholarship
– Recognizes the great efforts of a
teaching assistant or tutor.
• First and second year students who
are in the top 30% of their class are
eligible to apply
• Members are chosen based on their
degree of professionalism,
scholarship, campus involvement,
and service to the University and
the profession
• A banquet will be held in April to
induct the new members
ΣΣΦ - Delta Chapter
We are looking forward to the year ahead as we continue to
grow and become a more active organization at KCUMB. We
are committed to challenging ourselves academically, our
service in the Kansas City community, and furthering the
Osteopathic Profession.