Peacock Rangoli

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Transcript Peacock Rangoli

Happy New Year
• It is a new year in the country named
• India is a country in continent Asia.
It is the seventh-largest country by
geographical area, the second most
populous country with over 1.2 billion
Indian clothes
India has 27 states. All the states
have lots of different languages, food,
traditions, cultural and clothes.
Happy New Year
• It is Vikram Samvat 2068.
• It is based on the lunar cycles, meaning
days are calculated based upon the moon’s
location. It is fourth day of the five day
festival called Diwali. It is celebrated in
India, Sri lanka, Nepal, Fiji and other
eastern countries.
• All the celebrants wear new clothes and
share sweets and snacks with family
members and friends.
Happy New Year
• On New Year’s day everyone wears new clothes
and it is tradition to get the blessings from your
• Day before the New year is Diwali. People make all
kind of special food and sweets and they share
with each other.
Happy New Year
• People wake up early and then people go to each
others houses and wish each other a Very Happy
New Year.
• They share sweets and many people attend fairs.
Happy Diwali
• Day before New years day is Diwali. It is also
known as the festival of lights.
• Children do lots of fireworks to welcome the new
year next day.
• People also decorate their houses, vehicles with
flowers and also prepare special festive food.
• During Diwali, people
decorate their houses
with lots of lights.
• Traditional lights are
made out of clay and use
oil. This is called diya.
• People also do a traditional art work called
• The word Rangoli is a Sanskrit word and it means
a creative expression of art through the use of
color. It also means row of colors.
• It is a traditional decorative folk art of India.
These are decorative designs made on floors of
living rooms and courtyards during festivals and
are meant to welcome friends and relatives.
Peacock Rangoli
• Basically, Rangoli is the art of drawing images and
motifs on the floor and walls of homes using
different color powders.
• Rangoli is made with lots of different material
like flowers, colored powder, different grains like
rice or colored saw dust.