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Davis Drive Middle School
Open House
Important People
Teams & Course Information
Daily Schedule
Lockers & Agendas
Sports & Clubs
Dress Code
Communication Tools
The First Day/School Supplies
Important Upcoming Dates
Davis Drive Middle School Mission
Members of the Davis
Drive Middle School
community will equip
students with the
problem-solving and
critical-thinking skills
to be globally
successful in the 21st
Some Good People to Know at DDMS
Principal: Mrs. Karen Summers
6th Grade Assistant Principal: Mr. Dave Gaudet
6th Grade Counselor: Mrs. Helen Everitt
School Resource Officer: Officer Cherry
6th Grade Teams
• Students will be assigned to a team for 6th
• The team is a group of teachers that
teaches the same group of students for
Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and
• New team names are coming.
Core Course Placement
• WCPSS middle schools do not have AIG
pull-out classes.
• A student identified as AIG in reading
will receive differentiated instruction
within their language arts class.
Core Course Placement
Math Course
Placement Criteria
Math 6
Math 6 Plus
EVAAS projection of less than 70%
EVAAS projection is greater than or
equal to 70% -AND- High Level 3 on
most recent EOG
Math 6 Plus/
7 Plus
EVAAS projection is equal to or greater
than 97% -AND- Level 4 on most recent
Math 7 Plus
Successful completion of the Math 6
th grade
EVAAS Projection – probability of scoring Level 3 in CC Math I in 8th Grade
Core Course Placement
• Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) is an
accelerative practice that allows students to
show mastery of course content without
having taken the course.
• Information Sessions
– Monday, May 5th at 5:30pm (Davis Drive
– Wednesday, May 7th at 5:30pm (Lufkin Road
• http://wakeacceleration.weebly.com
Middle School Courses
Language Arts
Social Studies
– 1 year-long elective
-OR– 2 semester electives
6th Grade Elective Classes
Year-long Electives:
Students who take a year-long elective will take
keyboarding on an A/B schedule (space permitting)
*Beginning Strings
*Intermediate Strings
*Beginning Band
*Curriculum Assistance (only taken by students who have
this indicated in their current IEP)
6th Grade Elective Classes
Semester Electives:
• Students will take one semester of Computer Skills &
Applications I (space permitting) and one semester of
an elective listed below:
– Introduction to Dance (A or B)
– Beginning Spanish
– Technology Design & Innovation
– Visual Arts Exploratory
– FACS – Family Focus
Healthful Living
• All students will take
Healthful Living.
• Students will rotate
through Healthful Living
on a two-week basis.
• Students must change
out of their school
clothes into a required PE
Uniform (DDMS PE Grey
t-shirt, DDMS PE Navy
shorts, athletic shoes,
and socks)
Healthful Living
• PE Shirts - $10; PE Shorts - $10; Bag - $5
• Online Order forms are available in the Gym
Lobby with the Healthful Living teachers.
• It is highly recommended that you order online
in advance, as prices can change and sizes may
not be available at the beginning of the year.
• Locks should be purchased on their own; locks
will be removed from lockers in the locker room
Daily Schedule
• This is an example of a daily schedule (it may be
slightly different next year):
1st Period – 8:15 - 9:13
SMART Block – 9:17 - 9:47
2nd Period – 9:51 - 10:49
3rd Period & Lunch – 10:53 - 12:24
4th Period – 12:28 - 1:26
5th Period – 1:30 - 2:13 (Elective)
6th Period – 2:17 - 3:00 (Elective)
• 30 minute period in the school day
• Provides students with
– Additional instructional support in core/elective
– Assessment preparation & make-ups
– Silent reading
– Study hall
– Enrichment activities
• Students can choose where they want to go for
SMART Block, unless a teacher has requested
Promotion Requirements
• Students must pass:
– Language Arts
– Math
– either Social Studies or Science
– half of the remaining courses (Electives &
• 6th Graders will have a locker and
will need to purchase a lock from
the school for $5.00. Students
will be able to use their lock for
their 3 middle school years.
• Students will also need a lock for
their PE locker. This lock must be
removed daily. Many students
have purchased locks over the
summer and practiced using
Davis Drive Middle Agenda
• Available for purchase at
Panther Pride Camp
• $5.00
• This is a great tool for
keeping up with
homework and other
school/personal events.
• Can also serve as a great communication
tool between school and home.
Schedule & Transportation
• Bus information will be mailed to
you shortly before school starts.
• You will have a chance to meet
your teachers and run through
your schedule during our Panther
Pride Camp.
Panther Pride Camp will be
August 20th, 2014. Detailed
information will be posted on our
website this summer.
Per Wake County policy, 6th Graders cannot play on
team sports. They can get involved by acting as a team
manager and coming out to support the teams!
Fall Sports:
Girl’s Soccer
Winter Sports:
Spring Sports:
Boys’ Baseball
Girls’ Softball
Boy’s Soccer
Clubs at Davis Drive Middle
(these clubs are subject to change)
Student Council
Math Counts
Scrabble Club
Chess Club
Science Club
Odyssey of the Mind
Photography Club
Battle of the Books
Debate Club
Electric Car Club
Geography Bee
Model Rocketry
National Junior
Honor Society
• Spanish Club
• Spelling Bee
Dress Code
• Appropriate dress is necessary in order to
promote an effective learning environment.
• Students are not permitted to wear
– Pajama pants, short shorts/skirts
– Exposing or see-through tops (Midriff, spaghetti
strap, strapless, one-strap, tank tops, or
transparent tops)
– Excessively tight or revealing clothing
– Slippers/bedroom shoes
• Shoes must be worn at all times.
• Students should expect between 1-2 hours of
homework nightly, including study time.
• Agendas are very helpful with keeping track of
homework assignments and when longer term
projects are due.
Communication Tools
• School Website
• Follow us on Twitter @DDMSBuzz
• Parent Portal
– Forms will be available at Panther Pride Camp
• Team & Teacher Websites
Parent Portal
Parent Portal
Team & Teacher Websites
Team and teacher websites are often helpful for
keeping track of assignments and due dates.
These websites do not replace student’s agenda
Team & Teacher Websites
6th Grade
Team & Teacher Websites
Links to Team
Team & Teacher Websites
Class Information,
Homework, Teacher
Information, Etc.
Reminders, etc.
The First Day & School Supplies
Your teachers will do a fantastic job
of showing you around DDMS on the
first day of school.
Supply lists will be posted over the summer
on the DDMS website.
Your teachers may have a few specific
supplies they would like you to buy.
• 6th graders need to have consistent and
regular access to a calculator.
• TI-84 graphing calculator is recommended
• Can check one out from the media center if
unable to secure one on own
Tdap Requirement
• North Carolina Law states that students
entering 6th grade need a booster dose of the
Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) vaccine if
5 years or more have passed since their last
• Please provide elementary school with
documentation if your child receives the
booster before June 12, 2014.
• After June 13th, please drop off the
documentation to our front office.
Important Upcoming Events & Dates
• Coffee with Administration
– Wednesday, May 14th at 10:00am
– Rising 6th Grade Parent Q & A
• Panther Pride Camp
– Rising 6th graders come on campus, pick up
their schedules, meet their teachers
– August 20th, 2014
• 8:30am – Last Name “A” to “L”
• 10:30am – Last Name “M” to “Z”
Panther Summer Camp
• Weekly day-camp throughout the summer
• Available to rising 6th – 8th Grade DDMS students!
• Includes fun events & daily field trips
– Swimming, movie theater, bowling, outdoor/indoor
games, community service projects, etc…
– Frankie’s Fun Park, Zoo, Jelly Beans, Museums,
Durham Bulls, etc…
• Information & registration forms are on the DDMS
website under “Panther Summer Camp” and in Gym
• Limited Space Available. Register ASAP to reserve a
Thank you!
• Dave Gaudet, 6th grade Assistant Principal
[email protected]
• Helen Everitt, 6th grade Counselor
[email protected]