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Peter Oom Mark Smitherman Jimmy Otter David Nielsen Jan Hellsten Anders Trewe Johan Biörsmark Patrik Söderberg Tina Tandrup Anna Olsson CEO UK Marketing Manager Sales Manager Sales Manager European Sales Manager Manager Business Project & Quality Training Manager Manager Operations and Production Financial and Administration Marketing Manager

The Vision

“COBRA is the alternative way to fight fire. Imagine a scenario where you could fight a fire faster from outside the fire compartment, with less water, less damage to the environment and property, improve the survivability of casualties and significantly reduce the risk to fire fighters – Utopia, maybe; bold statements, yes; achievable, yes, absolutely.”

Martyn Emberson, Chief Fire Officer of Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service

OWNERSHIP Financially strong owners Long term dedication

SAAB Ventures (SAAB Defence group) IF Metall (major union in Sweden) Risk Management Partner AB Founder and Employees



cobra – Customer base 30 countries worldwide

Examples of market developments

Very strong growth in the UK  Large metropolitans (Manchester 44-70 units, Kent etc)   Many rural services (Lincolnshire 23 this year only!, Northamptonshire 20, Scotland, Wales…) Channel tunnel, MIRG, Urban, Rural, Isolated, Full time, Retained Nordic countries steady growth and acceptance Proactive activities and investment in Continental Europe including industrial customers Rapid development expected 2013-2014  Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey Metropolitans very high momentum  Bangkok, Moscow, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Greater Manchester, Amsterdam

Societal Changes and Future Fire Fighting

• Casualties in fire fighting demands new methods • Difficulty to recruit retained fire fighters and training restrictions • Challenges with congested traffic in urban areas • Higher buildings, tunnels, new infrastructure, new building constructions and materials leads to higher and new risks • Cost saving initiatives leads to smaller appliances with more flexibility • Higher pressure on residual values and focus on water damages • Pressure to sustain environment

Cobra can be one solution

• The Cobra offers an efficient intervention from a safe position – the outside • A Cobra attack can be rapidly deployed to the scene of operations. 1-2 minutes of Cobra intervention will make a dramatic effect and a safer environment for the BA (rescue situation) • The Cobra intervenes without ventilating and entering into the building • The Cobra fits perfectly on a Rapid Response appliance • The Cobra uses 100% of 60 l/m instead of 5-10% of 600 l/m  No water damage and minimized environmental damages

Evolution of the Cutting Extinguisher Concept

Cutting Extinguisher Cutting Extinguisher Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) IR Camera Non, unused or misused Specialist tool

Foam pump First response Northampton

Multiple Cutting Extinguishers PPV IR Camera Fire Fight II Additives (X-Fog etc)

2000 2006 2009 2010 2012

Historical sales and marketing

Underestimation of the cultural change needed Initially high focus on cutting Cobra was marketed as a tool Specialist tool Rarely used – only for special application No proper training This approach led to low Return On Investment and low acceptance of Cobra Technical problems with Cobra

Cobra today

Focus on


(not the product) Method and tool for nearly

all interventions First Intervention

(first unit on scene) Training leads to acceptance and use from crew and

commanders Unique

aspects – rapid, offensive and efficient intervention from safe position. Low water usage, low personnel usage, fast deployment etc Safer Fire Fighting Efficient Fire Fighting Saving Environment


COBRA is responsive to:        Speed of response = Speed of extinction Highrise Congested traffic. Fast response and fast intervention Tampered wet/dry-risers Steel doors and bar doors Flexible organization

Retained, Rural & Isolated

COBRA is responsive to:         Restrictive training time.

Limited crew size – difficult to recruit voluntary / retained Limited availability of water supplies.

Poor road conditions (single track and bridges) Isolated risks.

Isolated firefighting resources. Limited operational support. Finite operational capacity.

Special risk profiles

COBRA is responsive to:        Nuclear Airports Chemical plants Industrial fire brigades MIRG Harbours Salvage

Be Part of the Journey!

CCS demonstrates strong growth since 2011 Expect to grow >30% annually Double revenue every 3 years Strong support and expectations from owners Acceptance of the Cobra Method is rapidly maturing in many countries. Strategically driven multiple purchases are driving the development

Vision of Change

Extremely stong concept Operationally – Organizationally – Strategically!

Cobra will be as common as todays high pressure hose reel and as important as a breathing apparatus set.