CCG Internal Management Structure

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Transcript CCG Internal Management Structure

External (Relieving) Commissioning Support Services (CSS)
Governing Body Members
V = Voting members
CCG & CSU Relationship Management System
Lay Members (V)
Chief Clinical Officer (V)
(Accountable Officer)
Lay Chair: Majid Hussain
Lay Member (Audit & Governance):
Derek Ashford
Lay Member (PPI): Graham Foulkes
Governing Body Members (V)
Clinical (x6 GP’s)
Practice Manager (x1)
Practice Nurse (x1)
Dr Ian Wilkinson
Clinical Directors (x9)
Clinical Advisors (x2)
Cluster Chairs (x8)
Lay Advisor (Sub-Committees only)
Peter Dean
Independent Clinical
Members (V)
Registered Nurse:
Margaret Williams
Secondary Care:
Dr Arokia Antonysamy
Managing Director VSM (V)
Chief Finance Officer VSM (V)
(Commissioning, System Redesign, Programme Management,
Quality, Safeguarding, Business Operations, Engagement)
Denis Gizzi
(Finance, Contracting, IM&T,
Business Intelligence, Governance & Corporate Admin)
Julie Daines – FCMA, CGMA
Director of Performance and Delivery (V)
Head of Finance, Economic Planning and Governance
Kathryn Wynne-Jones
Rob Fenton – FCCA
Senior Commissioning Business Partner
Head of Quality & Safeguarding
Nadia Baig
Programme Management Team
Communications & Engagement
Primary Care Commissioning, EQALS & LTC Platform: TBC
Vascular, Respiratory, Endocrinology & Medicines Management:
Urgent Care & End of Life: Dan Cassell
Elective Care incl. PMSK & Dermatology: Michael Dearden
Mental Health, LD & Dementia: TBC
Women, Children & Cancer: Gill Barnard, Julia Taylor
Head of Public Affairs: Mark Drury
Communications & Engagement
Manager: Louise Nicholson
Communications Support: TBC
Programme Management Office
Controller: Tariq Sharf – ACCA (PQ)
Support: Thomas Daines
Business Partners
Finance and Contracting: Julie Flanagan – CIMA
Finance Integrated Commissioning: Kashif Akram – ACCA
IM&T and Business Intelligence: David Crowther
Information and Infrastructure: Tim Ballard
Performance and Reporting: David Flint
Business Intelligence Developer: TBC
Risk and Corporate Governance Manager: Wayne Neal
CHC Contract Monitoring: Julie Probert, Sharon Bennett
Continuing Healthcare (incl. Community Equipment)
Personalised Care Clinical Lead: Michelle Mellor
Complex Case Manager (North East Sector Mental Health): Sharon Wrigley
Complex Case Managers: Alison Hall, Nigel Brockbank, Laura Capewell
Complex Case Managers / Safeguarding: Alison Gormley, Deborah Hardie
Intermediate Care Co-ordinator: Debra Forshaw
CHC Data Systems: Melissa Stack
Quality Nurse: Julie Eastham
Secretarial & Clerical: Julie Pilkington, Rebecca Pickford, Maria Johnson
Corporate Administration
Senior Administration Manager: Jill Stott
Executive Personal Assistants/Secretaries :
Anne Kerr, Jan Fielding, Dolores Radcliffe, Val Painter,
Nikki Boaler, Deborah Waterhouse, Sharon Butterworth
Admin Support Officers:
Ann Shaw, Anne Holt