College Application Week

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High School
Site Coordinator Training
2014 Montana College Application Week
November 3-7, 2014
College Application Week Overview
Key Information
Preparing for College Application Week
During College Application Week
Following College Application Week
College Application Week
• Primary purpose: help high school seniors
navigate the complex college admissions
• During school day
• Focus on low income students and those
who might not otherwise apply
Montana College Application Week
• Started in 2012 with 4 pilot schools
• 84 schools participated in 2013; 1773 students
submitted an application
• 138 schools participating in 2014
• Collaborative statewide initiative
Key Information
• All MUS institutions are DEFERRING* application fee;
colleges will determine at time of enrollment if fee will be
waived depending on income eligibility
• HS will receive the following information:
• Participating colleges
• Deferral or waive
• Online vs. paper
Key Information Cont.
• Students may submit ONE college application with
fee deferred or waived; track all applications
submitted during week
• Materials mailed to schools starting October 23
• Participating student information to MT GEAR UP by
November 12th
• Paper applications need to be mailed directly to
college immediately following event
• Student surveys due day of event
• Site Coordinator surveys due by November 12th
Preparing for College Application
• Utilize ‘Site Coordinator Checklist’
• Familiarize yourself with state CAW website:
• Identify a team
• Identify and reserve site for event(s) with computers
• Build school-wide enthusiasm & promote event(s)
• Implement college & career activities
• Prepare students for the event
• Recruit volunteers
Examples of Activities
Sponsor College Alumni
Student/Parent nights
College Fridays/CAW – staff/students wear college apparel
College Doors – “
” poster
College Trivia Contests
College & Career Fairs
College Visits
Bulletin Boards – a state map with all PSE options
Academic Assignments
Newsletters and Posters – frequent and regular reminders
to students, parents, teachers
• Speakers
Find the right MATCH
Ensure student meets admission requirements
Research options and indicators of campus success:
Identify one college to apply to (fee deferred or waived)
during the College Application event and complete the
prior to the event
PREPARING: Volunteers
Identify and invite volunteers
– Why College Application Week?
– What will they do?
– High school campus: security measures; parking;
key facilities (restrooms, cafeteria, guidance
office, etc.)
– Provide written confirmation to volunteer
During College Application Week
• Utilize the Event Day Reminder Checklist
• Remind students and post times for the event
• Create and place inviting directional signs to the
• Print out your high school information to have
available at each site (address, phone number,
school code)
• Distribute and wear “Ask Me” stickers to staff &
During cont.
• Print out a senior list with 9-digit state ID number
and space to include name of college applied to
using deferment or waiver, additional college(s)
applied to with application fee paid, and whether
application was submitted online or by paper.
Use for your student sign-in sheet
During cont.
• Review college participation list and
access applications through CAW web
• Capture and celebrate events (social
DURING: Students
• Print out application confirmation page
• Complete the student survey
• Collect the ‘I applied…now what?’ locker magnet, I
applied tattoo, and the FAFSA card
• Notify counselor if applied online off site
After College Application Week
• Complete the site coordinator survey
• Submit data (participating students’ names, state ID#,
name of college(s) applied to, online or paper) to Montana
GEAR UP by November 12, 2014.
• Email: [email protected]
• Mail: 2500 Broadway, Helena, MT 59620
• Hold a debriefing session with volunteers and school personnel
• Send thank you notes to volunteers
• Prepare press release about the success of the event
• Present at conferences on your experiences
AFTER: Reminders for Students
• Register to take the ACT or SAT if needed
• Plan to participate in FAFSA events (College
Goal MT)for financial aid
• Continue researching campuses and consider
applying to ones that are a good match
• Apply for scholarships
• Communicate with counselors about
Montana College Application Week
Sara Berg, MT GEAR UP
Terry Kendrick, OPI
[email protected]
[email protected]