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An Introduction to:
By Ross Litman ’10
Kate Morrow ‘1 1
What is Skype?
• Skype is a software application that allows users
to make voice calls over the Internet.
• With Skype you can:
– Call other Skype users for free
– Call (both domestic and international) landlines and
cell phones for a small fee
• Additional features include:
– instant messaging
– file transfer
– video conferencing.
How does it help me?
• Enables to stay in
touch with
– Faculty
– Students
– Study abroad sites
– Alumni
– Family and friends
How does Skype help Students and Faculty?
• Helps Muhlenberg students keep in touch with
other international and American students that
they met while abroad.
• Enables conference calling for project purposes.
• Keeps students connected with alumni and other
faculty who may be abroad.
– e.g., faculty in the Maastricht program
• Allows faculty and students to video conference
with their families.
Where do I start?
• In order to use Skype you
must first create a Skype
• You will need a username
and a password.
• Let’s begin by clicking on
“Don’t have a Skype
name?” highlighted in
Step One: Creating an Account
Where do I start?
• After clicking “Don’t
have a Skype name?”
you will be presented
with this screen.
• Here you will enter
your name, Skype
name, and password.
• When you are done,
make sure to click the
box next to the word
“Yes” and then click
Where do I start?
• Here you will need to enter
a valid e-mail address.
• You may also enter the
country and city where you
reside. However this is
optional information and is
not necessary.
• After you are done, click
the “Sign In” button (which
will turn silver from gray)
and you will be signed into
How do I use Skype?
Step Two: Logging On
• Double Click on the
Skype icon on your
• You will be presented
with a log-on window.
• Type your username
and password, then
click “Sign In.”
How do I use Skype?
Step Three: Your Contacts
• After you have logged
in, this screen will
• This screen lists all of
your contacts. The ones
in green are online and
available to “Skype”
with you.
Understanding Skype Conventions
• On Skype you have the option of setting your
– Your status (i.e. Available, Away, Busy, Offline) will
notify your contacts of your availability.
• You also can change your language settings to
another language/native language
• Additionally, you can set a profile which gives
information such as:
– Birthday
– Location
– Phone Number
Understanding Skype Conventions
• Capabilities available to Skype users include:
– Audio Calls
• Multi-person conferencing
– Video Calls
– Instant Messaging
– File Transfer
– SMS/Text Messaging directly to a user’s cell phone
– Calling landline phones
– Creating and editing profiles
Skype Menus
Skype Menu
Contacts Menu
Conversation Menu
Call Menu
View Menu
Tools Menu
Help Menu
How do I use Skype?
Step Four: Making a Call
• Let’s begin by
highlighting a contact’s
name on the contact list.
• After highlighting the
person’s name, click the
green “Call” button to
initiate a call.
• When you want to end a
call, simply click the red
button to the left of the
call timer.
How do I use Skype?
• When making a video call, the same
procedure is used as when making an audio
• Instead of clicking the green “Call” button you
will click the button to the right of it labeled
“Video Call.”
• Also, make sure your video camera is plugged
in otherwise that button will not show up and
you will not be able to make a video call.
How do I use Skype?
Step Five: Sending an Instant Message
• With Skype you can also instant message a contact
instead of initiating a video call with that person.
• To send an instant message simply click on the
contact’s name once and a new display window will
appear with a box at the bottom where you will
input text.
• Also you can view the history of the instant message
as demonstrated on-screen.
How do I use Skype?
• How do I:
–Add a contact?
–Delete a contact?
–Block someone?
The End
Thank you for taking the time to attend
our presentation and most importantly:
Enjoy Skype!