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As of November 1st we are happy to announce that UNCW
has joined together with Enterprise Rent – A – Car to offer
vehicles for campus to use in place of Motor fleet. You may
rent a vehicle from Enterprise or choose to use your personal
vehicle and receive the higher mileage rate.
Newer Vehicles with lower mileage
Cost Saving to the University and the Employees’
Departmental Budgets
Enterprise will deliver and pick up the vehicles directly to
designated areas on campus
No out of pocket expense for vehicle rentals
Enterprise Plus is a program that allows each employee to
create a member profile with Enterprise utilizing the UNCW
contracted rates.
Each employee should create an Enterprise Plus profile which
will have their personal information saved.
• If you choose not to enroll in the Plus Program before your first rental
reservation, the Local Branch will require your driver’s license information
and contact information before each delivery of vehicle.
• If you are already an Enterprise Plus Member, please send your name and
member number to [email protected] This will allow your profile to be
updated with the current UNCW contracted rates and account.
Earn credits toward future business rental reservations
Go to Enterprise.com to create your profile.
The classes in red
should be utilized.
If any other class is
justification must
be provided to the
Travel Office and
approved before
the trip.
Create a travel authorization in E-Travel first
Reserve a vehicle via the customized UNCW booking tool.
o http://www.enterprise.com/car_rental/deeplinkmap.do?bid=004&gpbr=53A
• Before navigating through the booking link, please enter your Enterprise Plus
Member information via the tab on the top right corner of the webpage.
• Select location and enter dates/times that you will need vehicle
• Select car class – Economy, Compact, Intermediate, and Standard
• All other size vehicles classes must be preapproved by the Travel Office
• Enter your travel authorization number(from E-Travel) and the Fund Number(that
the rental car will be paid from) example: TR12345/123456.
• Enter the phone number that Enterprise can reach you
• Confirm the reservation and how you will obtain the vehicle
In E-Travel under your travel authorization select “Prepaid Rental Car”.
Select “Add” and enter the dates, fund to be charged and amount.
Route for approval.
At the current time there are six locations that Enterprise will
drop off and pick up vehicles.
Eaton Plaza – in front of James Hall
Lot F – in front of DePaolo Hall
Small Lot behind Warwick Center
Lot behind Cameron Hall
Small Lot beside Watson School – Education Building
Lot T – behind McNeill Hall
There are 3 options for employees when needing a car early in
the morning
Contact local office branch and have them deliver the car over the
weekend. Charges will be delayed until your travel time; however the
vehicle should not be used until business travel date starts
Utilize the branch at 5601-B Market Street, which is a 7 day branch:
Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM, Saturday - Sunday 9:00 AM –
6:00 PM. Personal Car can be left here for no charge.
Utilize the Wilmington Airport Location – which is open 7 days a week.
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Saturday – Sunday 9:00 AM –
9:00 PM. Please note at this location the taxes and fees are higher and you will have
to pay to park your personal car.
Please note if you require these after hours needs that requires option 1, use
the College Road branch; for option 2 or 3, you must use the online booking
tool to have the reservation charged directly to UNCW. Otherwise you will have
to pay and be reimbursed.
Unless specified otherwise with the Branch, Enterprise will
deliver the vehicle to the space closest to the building in
which you are “assigned” as listed in UNCW directory.
The vehicle will be in one of the designated Enterprise
If a drop box is not available UNCW Employee(or admin) will
obtain the keys and rental agreement from the Branch
representative who is delivering the car.
Once your trip has concluded, the vehicle is to be returned
to the same spot (or closest to) as delivery.
Call the local branch to advise them the car is back on
campus and ready to be picked up.
Be sure to place the UNCW Enterprise Rental Parking Pass
in the front windshield to avoid ticketing.
Keys can be given to the admin of your department for the
Enterprise Representative to pick up the vehicle.
If car is damaged when Enterprise picks up vehicle, the
employee will be required to meet them at the car.
All rentals booked through the online booking tool will be
charged directly to the University
If wanting to rent a car and be reimbursed or use your
UNCW Visa Travel Card, continue to use the account
number NC53H82
There are no mileage fees or additional driver charges when
using the UNCW Rates
Upon return, employees are not required to refuel the
vehicle. Enterprise will charge the pump-price for the fuel.
This will be directly charged to the same fund as the rental
The Local Branch Contact Information:
2309 S. College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403
Branch Manager, Mathew Johnson (910) 397-9110 option
Account Manager, Sarah Bardwell, [email protected]
Online booking tool
=004&gpbr=53A4&cnty=US&cust=GAR53J6 .
Enterprise Website
Contact the Travel Office at
962-7504 or 962-4217
Email Laura Gore at [email protected]
UNCW Travel Website
UNCW Policies and Procedures
Enterprise Mileage Calculator
Frequently Asked Questions for Enterprise
E-Travel Link