Lesson 1-7

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EnVision Math
Topic 1:
Lesson 1-7
Making an Organized List
strategies can
I use to solve
Read and Understand
? What am I trying to find out?
? What do I know?
Plan and Solve
? What strategy or strategies should I try?
? What is the answer?
Look Back and Check
? Did I answer the question?
? Does my answer make sense?
Make an Organized List
Daryl has 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. Name all
the possible combinations of shirts and pants he
can wear together. How many different outfits
can he make?
blue shirt – tan pants
blue shirt – black pants
orange shirt – tan pants
orange shirt – black pants
red shirt – tan pants
red shirt – black pants
6 different
1. Lou’s sandwiches are made with either wheat or white bread and have only
one kind of cheese – Swiss, Cheddar, American, or Mozzarella. How many
different kinds of sandwiches can Lou make? Show all possible
2. Alan has a cat, a goldfish, and a dog. He feeds them in a different order
each day. How many different ways can he feed his pets? Show all
possible orders.
3. Ann, Mara, Jenny, Tina, and Sue are sisters. Two of the five sisters must
help their father at his business each Saturday. How many combinations of
two sisters are possible? Show all possible combinations.
4. Liz has 4 sweaters and 2 skirts. Name all the possible combinations of
sweaters and skirts she can wear together. How many different outfits can
she make?
5. At McDonalds, dad can order a cheeseburger or a salad. He can get small,
medium, or large French fries to go with it. How many choices does he
have for lunch? Show all possible combinations.
6. Erin is thinking of a 3-digit number. It uses the digits 1, 7, and 4. How
many numbers can she make? Show all possible numbers.
Topic 1: Numeration
pg. 22-25
Thurs., 9/23
1. Do the Tuesday Daily Math Review problems.
2. CHECK your work!
3. Take your paper to Mrs. Gibson to check.
4. Correct any mistakes with your red pencil.
Do not erase any answers!
5. After Mrs. Gibson has checked it, put it in
the Math Box.
6. Correct any homework mistakes with red
pencil. Put your sheet in the Math Box.
7. Work on classwork for 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, or 1-6.