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Distracted Driving Workshop
Kings Country Distracted Driving Initiative
• Explore the sources of Distractive Driving
• Why do people engage in tasks that result in the
Distractive Driving?
• Hands on Demonstration
• Enforcement and liability
• Exploring Options to Reduce Risks
• Summary and Reflections?
What are some forms of
Distractive Driving?
Common Distractions
• Eating
Common Distractions
• Grooming
Common Distractions
• Adjusting instruments and radio
Common Distractions
• Interacting with passengers
Common Distractions
• Parents dealing with small children or babies
Common Distractions
• Using a GPS
Common Distractions
• Reading while driving 100 km/h
Common Distractions
• Pets
Common Distractions
• Outside Distractions
Common Distractions
• Cell Phone use through voice or text
Are Some of Distractions
More Risky than Others?
Rate these Distractions
(0 = No Risk, 10 = High Risk )
Eating / Drinking
Conversation with passenger
Interacting with your children
Using a GPS
Pets on lap
Outside distractions
Cell phone use
– holding phone to call
– texting.
Does the Risk of a Distraction
Change, Based on Conditions?
• Person is drinking a coffee.
• Coffee is extremely hot and there is no
top on the cup.
• We are driving in downtown Halifax.
• It is rush hour traffic & emergency
services are trying to direct traffic
around an apartment fire.
Does the Risk Increase if
Distractions are combined?
Why is Cell Phone use is an
Unacceptable Risk?
• It forces a person to take their eyes off the road
while trying to dial or answer the phone.
• Attention on driving diminishes considerably
when trying to do tasks which require focus.
• Your concentration is split between driving and
your conversation.
• A person talking to you remotely will not know
when you encounter a traffic situation that
requires your full attention.
Why is Texting even More Risky?
• It requires more attention to read small print.
• Typing words require great focus and more
attention to formulate thoughts to text.
• The time that it takes your mind and eyes away
from driving is far greater than most other
Why do people engage in tasks that
result in the Distractive Driving?
Triggers that Cause Distractive
• Boredom
• Short of time
• Believe we can multi task, so why not do it
• Belief of being immune to danger
• Compulsion to communicate
What are your triggers?
On Hands Demonstration
Possible Liability
Options to Reduce Risk
• Bluetooth for hands free calling
• Software to block texts while in motion
Scosche Cell Control or Text buster
• Software to convert text to voice Pro or Voxdox
So Let’s Reflect
• Did you discover any new facts on the subject of
Distractive driving.
• As the result of this session, what changes can
you make to reduce the risks of “distractive
Will you?
For more information…
• http://www.textinganddrivingsafety