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Peter C. Dozzi

Pittsburgh Internship Initiative Summer 2013

About my Internship Experience:

As a design intern at the ACLU of Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh, I designed Facebook icons, and posters to raise awareness on the proposed

Pennsylvania Voter Identification Law.

I produced an informational guide on how the

Right to Know Act

can be used by individuals and small communities. This guide will ultimately be featured on the ACLU website for download. I also had the opportunity to create a set of short videos for

Banned Books Week

that were catchy and featured clips from TV episodes that had been banned throughout the years for varying reasons. Over the course of my time at the ACLU I was able to apply my skills learned in both professional writing and design classes in order to produce professional products that were ready for distribution.

Kayla Heglas

College: Dietrich, Fine Art Graduation Date: May 2014 Company: ACLU of Pennsylvania Job: Intern

About my Internship Experience:

As an intern at the Mattress Factory, I was able to learn, first-hand, how a small contemporary art museum worked and to learn about the function of larger museums from the previous experiences of my colleagues. Working on three projects, the Urban Garden Party, the opening of a new gallery, and the museum’s 35 th anniversary art auction, gave me experience in editing sound and video and in designing marketing collateral ranging from vendor signs at events to auction booklets and fliers to multimedia materials for press and museum education. The Dozzi award was invaluable to me because it afforded me the opportunity to dive headlong into my work, without worrying about whether or not I’d be able to pay rent.

Matthew Liner

College: Dietrich Graduation Date: December 2013 Company: Mattress Factory, VIA Job: Intern

About my Internship Experience:

As a recipient of the Dozzi scholarship, I was given the opportunity to choreograph an opera, Mozartʼs

La Finta Giardinera,

for Opera Theater of Pittsburghʼs Summerfest. The whole process, from conceptualizing and discussing what “could be” to seeing the finished product, was a learning experience because I have never worked with opera before. It was exciting to work with professionals at the peak of their art form, who were so willing to share their gifts with me. Although I have choreographed many non-opera pieces in the past, this production was especially special for me because this cast was phenomenally gifted and was willing to play within the crazy world we built them.

Mitch Marois

College: Drama Graduation Date: May 2014 Company: Self-led Initiative Job: Choreographer

About my Internship Experience:

As an intern at Assemble I became familiar with the work of a nonprofit organization and I was challenged with creating the curriculum for Assemble’s summer camps. I also was involved in assisting with any events asked of me, and acting as a teaching assistant for the various camps and educational activities that Assemble managed during the summer. The most enjoyable experience from working with Assemble was when I interrupted an activity to explain how the moon affects high and low tide on the earth. My impromptu lecture lasted just a moment, but for that moment I was telling the students something that they had truly never heard before and that truly interested them. It was phenomenal. My time at Assemble demonstrated to me that organization and communication are extremely important —that they are the most key elements in having any endeavor be successful.

Anna Mohr

College: Fine Art Graduation Date: May 2014 Company: Assemble Job: Intern

About my Internship Experience:

As the Allegheny County Democratic Committee (ACDC) intern I had the opportunity to help start the Party’s first capital campaign. I learned first-hand the detail and planning that political fundraisers entail and I discovered the fascinating world of local politics and its importance to everyone’s daily lives. The best part of my experience with ACDC was the opportunity to travel to San Antonio, Texas as a Pennsylvania delegate at the Young Democrats of America National Convention. My experience helped me to understand that I don’t need to wait until I graduate to make a difference; there are young people impacting their communities right now. This has been one of the best summers of life and I’m lucky to say that I am leaving this internship with not only with new skills and more knowledge but also with a mentor, my ACDC boss.

Zoe Ofomata

College: Tepper, Dietrich Graduation Date: May 2015 Company: Allegheny County Democratic Committee Job: Intern

About my Internship Experience:

As the Summer Curriculum and Seed Committee Intern for Assemble, I participated in many core programs and activities, including implementing art and science lesson plans. Although I taught the classes, I felt as though I learned as much as the children. In particular, I remember the moment when I learned about the science involved in fibers and weaving – it really brought to life the pertinence of experiential learning. Another of my summer accomplishments was educating the Seed Committee on the formal documentation they need when producing the grant evaluations and writing tasks. My experience at Assemble has made me interested in answering key questions about my role in community development and education; When communities are introduced to digital media, how can I play an active role in making sure it meets their changing needs?

Prisca Ohito

College: Dietrich, Fine Art Graduation Date: May 2014 Company: Assemble Job: Intern

About my Internship Experience:

As an intern at the Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania, I learned about the inner workings of a nonprofit operation, directly coordinated events, met JASP members and board members, worked in a professional office, and took on various projects to further the mission of the organization. My co workers also sought me out to work on JASP’s initiative to attract a younger membership because I have been highly involved in Japan related organizations within the Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon communities. Not only has working at the JASP opened my eyes to the vast number of Japan-related connections in the Pittsburgh area but it has also helped me explore future career opportunities and to gain confidence in my abilities.

Angelique Rein

College: Dietrich Graduation Date: May 2015 Company: Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania Job: Intern

About my Internship Experience:

In the Biomechatronics Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University I had the opportunity to collect and analyze metabolic and kinematic data for a recently developed prosthetic foot. Being a part of the data collection process gave me a good appreciation for thought that goes into planning and conduction a research study. I was also given the opportunity to design and test a controller for the prosthetic foot. My experience gave me exposure to new programs relevant and important to the Biomechatronics field, an understanding of the research study data collection process, an appreciation for the mechanical controller design process, and practice in small mechanical repairs. I have also gained a better sense of direction in where I would like my life to head after I graduate this coming spring.

Julie Rekant

College: CIT Graduation Date: May 2014 Company: Biomechatronics Laboratory Job: Intern

About my Internship Experience:

As a presenter in Highmark SportsWork at the Carnegie Science Center, I received safety and customer service training, exhibit operations training, and I was involved in a job shadowing program. After my initial training, I was given the opportunity to staff eight interactive SportsWorks exhibits and to talk to visitors about concepts in physics, anatomy, biology, and chemistry involved in these exhibits. My internship not only enhanced my own understanding of these scientific principles but also taught me about interacting with visitors, staff, and children, practicing open ended questions as a teaching tool, and delivering an interesting, educational experience within a short time frame. Overall, my internship at the Carnegie Science Center was a worthwhile experience that gave me skills and knowledge which will prove invaluable in the future.

Liz Snyder

College: Dietrich Graduation Date: May 2016 Company: Carnegie Science Center Job: SportsWork Intern

About my Internship Experience:

As a research intern at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute I worked to test clinical trial drugs that are being studied for use in treating different stages of lung cancer. By performing wound assays using the clinical trial drugs on four cell lines, I was able to determine which drug was the most effective in preventing metastasis and which concentration of the drug worked best. My work at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute was highly exhilarating. It was amazing to know that the cells I was testing came from actual patients and that the drugs I was working with will someday be broadly used in lung cancer treatment. My experience has given me a newfound appreciation for medical researchers because I am now able to realize how extensively drugs are tested before being made available to the public. I would like go to into pharmaceuticals after I graduate from Carnegie Mellon.

Priscilla Wong

College: MCS Graduation Date: May 2014 Company: UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Job: Research Intern