Koenig - Dual Language Education of New Mexico

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Transcript Koenig - Dual Language Education of New Mexico

Lynne Koenig
Woodburn School District
Woodburn, Oregon
Woodburn School
 4 Elementary, 2 Middle, 5 High schools
Washington Elementary School
Free &Red
Who’s Here?
New to dual
50/50 or 90/10
Self Contained
Language Transfer and Discrete
Language Skills
Surface features of L1
Surface features of L2
Interdependence Model
Linguistic (Adapted from Cummins, J. 1987)
For Transference To Occur…
 Everything is about language
 Know your students
 Must be explicitly modeled.
 Así se dice-Literacy Squared
 Interactive Cognate Word Wall
 Probable Passage- Kylene Beers
 Interactive writing-Literacy Squared
 Other favorites!
Así se dice
Literacy Squared-Kathy Escamilla
Explicit translation practice helps language learners navigate
between languages and experience the subtleties of language as
well as get the “gist” of meaning. Language is not directly
transferable. This activity also gives power to both languages as
each child gets to be the “expert”.
 Can be used as early as late kinder with appropriate scaffolding
(whole class, based on theme).
 Moves to partner work with students as “experts” as early as
second grade.
 Can use curricular theme or selected poetry.
Así se dice
 Choose topic- Example: Halloween vocabulary from
Whole class-
books read.
Teacher records words/phrases on chart in target
language (L1 or L2)
Teacher leads discussion of how you would “say it” in the
opposite language.
This should include partner talk thinking around the best
way to say it.
Teacher support is essential here as they can draw out
other ideas or ways the students could say it and explicit
teaching of getting the gist.
Teacher again records words/phrases that reflect the
ideas from the original language.
Así se dice
Partners Choose poem, shared/creative writing etc.
 Partners take a phrase/sentence at a time and
discuss how they could say it.
 Students record directly on same page
 Teacher support to draw out other ideas or ways the
students could say it and explicit teaching of getting
the gist.
 Share with other partners.
Let’s Try It!
Interactive Cognate
Word Wall
Students don’t automatically use cognates to help them
communicate in L2. Explicitly teaching students that
cognates exist adds to the tools they have available to them
to grow in their ability to communicate.
Always about language
So many cognates in Latin based languages
visually, phonologically
Student run/centered/owned
Probable Passage
adapted from Kylene Beers
This is a prereading strategy that previews key language for students. It
sets students up for success in reading in L2 and builds language and
vocabulary through student dialogue in groups.
How it works:
 Can be used as early as reading level I
 Teacher chooses 12-16 key words from the story based on characters,
setting, problem(s) and solution.
 Students work in teams to discuss which category the words belong in.
 Students do not need to agree!
 Students write their prediction or gist of how they think the story will
 They read the story, class discussion or partner discussion should
follow to debrief the realign thinking and record what they know now.
Let’s Try It!
Probable Passage Word Selection
 arroyos
 riverbed
 Reba Jo
 well
 horned toad
 ranch house
 Flash
 3 small favors
 kiss
 caballero
 Padre
 prairie
 hitched
 prince
Interactive Writing
Literacy Squared
 Students build bridges between languages by reading in one language
and writing about a familiar or known story or text in their other
 This writing activity is based on a known story that is generally read in
How it works:
 Day one: Picture book read aloud in L1
 Day Two: Post pictures from the story- class discussion of most
important words from that page- sticky note the pages-students record
in story booklets
 Day Three- students use words from previous day to create sentences.
 Day Four- students use phrases to begin final written retell in final
Day 2- Labeling The Most Important Words
Day 3- Taking Words To Sentences
Day 4- Final Written Retell
Other Strategies That
Lead To Transfer
 Language Rich Environment
 Chants
 Word study- Cognitive Content Dictionary- G.L.A.D.
 Input charts
 Shared reading
 Newsbook
Cognitive Content Dictionary
Language Rich Environment
• Chants
• Input charts
Take Aways…….